How to Make Great Thumbnail Images for Your Online Store

One of the most important factors in your video on demand library and store that affects how many videos a customer purchases access to or watches with their subscription is the thumbnail. Unclear thumbnails or those that don’t effectively relate the content of that video can discourage people from watching or they can attract attention that is then disappointed when the video doesn’t match the thumbnail.

For this reason, it’s important that you spend extra time creating quality thumbnail images that you can use in your online store to effectively represent your video on demand content.

Here are some specific tips to help you ensure each of your thumbnails effectively represents your content:

Bright and Colorful – As much as makes sense in your online store, use brightly lit shots from your video or separate content that clearly showcases the subject of the content. YouTube channels are well known for adding flames, sunbursts, and other bright backgrounds to their thumbnails to make them as visible as possible.
Feature the Subject of the Video – If you are the subject of the video, your face should be in the thumbnail. If you are interviewing an expert, make them the subject of the video. If you’re baking a cake, you get the picture. Whatever the main focal point of the video is, make it the first thing someone sees when they view your ecommerce store’s thumbnails. When using a person in your thumbnail, make sure they are making eye contact with the viewer. People are attracted to this.
Use Still Photos – Rather than pulling a screencap from your video, take additional still photos during your video shoot to ensure you can get the lighting, subject, and smile needed to look your best.
Use Text to Describe the Video Content – A text title, introduction to the subject of the video, or other title for the video can help not only brand the content (using a similar font and primary title for each video), but it will attach the subject of the thumbnail with the topic.
Use a Branding Element – Most likely this will be your logo, but it may also include the font of your website or other visual elements from your website in the video thumbnail composition.

Your thumbnails are like the covers of books.Click To Tweet If they don’t attract the eye and draw attention when someone lands on the page, they won’t get as many clicks. Even without heavy competition as you would see in a setting like YouTube, this is very important. To sell video in your online store, you need people to be intrigued by the content and attracted to it. The above tips will help you do that.


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