How to Make Money Online by Selling Webinars and Live Broadcasts

Webinars and live online broadcasts have a high perceived value and have long been incredibly powerful tools in the sales processes of many companies. They work well to generate leads, convey information, and build relationships with customers.

They also happen to work incredibly well when generating new streams of revenue for your business. But how do you sell webinars and online classes directly? Where so many companies are using them as loss leaders to generate attention and drive traffic, how can you directly monetize the content in a webinar? Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways you can do just that.

The Value of Live Online Broadcasts

Live online broadcasts and webinars are valuable because of their exclusivity and the expertise of their hosts. The more seasoned, well known and trusted in your industry you are, the higher the value of your webinar. If Richard Branson held a webinar about how to start a business from scratch, he could probably charge a pretty penny for entry because he’s, well, Richard Branson.

But you don’t need to be rich and famous to monetize the content in a webinar. You just need to ensure the value points of that content are clearly communicated to your audience and you need a platform that will allow you to do this in the most efficient way possible.

How to Sell Webinars and Online Classes

With such high perceived value, how then do you create content and a platform from which you can easily sell this content? There are several steps to the process – here are a few to get you started:

  1. Choose a Powerful Tool – There are a number of toolsets out there to hold webinars. Choose one that will allow you to easily monetize your content with a built-in payment platform, as well as individual landing pages for each webinar session. The option to record and relist your content in a video on demand library will also be important to monetize your content on a secondary basis. Yondo has all of these tools and has been used with success by a number of business owners to run webinars.
  2. Create High Demand Need-Based Content – You can’t sell access to a 101 level course on a topic that your audience doesn’t strictly need. The Internet being what it is, you can find overview-level content on just about anything. Your webinar needs to be as in-depth as possible and written from the perspective of an expert in the field. Case studies, actionable takeaways, and visual examples are all key to doing this.
  3. Build an Effective Promotional Engine – Just creating and publishing content is not enough. Millions of people are creating content as well; how do you make sure yours is the first thing that prospective customers see? A good marketing plan will help; specifically, a strong social media presence. The key here is to choose 2-3 social channels that complement your audience well. We recommend using YouTube for at least one of them, LinkedIn if you plan on targeting B2B customers, Facebook for consumers, and Twitter as your third channel. Post daily and use your webinars as an opportunity to provide value to those followers.

The right webinar on the right topic can be an extremely effective tool to make money online.Click To TweetThe right webinar on the right topic can be an extremely effective tool to make money online, but there are a number of ways to actually monetize it. Just charging for access may not work depending on your niche and the type of content you plan on presenting.

Ways to Make Money from Webinars

Here are some of the most effective ways to make money from webinars. Not every method involves charging for access to the content upfront, though ideally you will always have content worth doing so for.

  • Provide unique content – Whatever you teach needs to be unique to your expertise and experience. It can’t be rehashed stuff you can find on a comparable blog. That said, if you are able to present common information in a more succinct, entertaining, and accessible way, it is possible to monetize that level of polish.
  • Use free content to drive traffic– Free content is a way to generate interest in your videos, show your expertise, and drive traffic to a paid webinar. It is also a perfect way to ensure you are producing content that solves problems your audience actually has. By offering free content, you can collect user information – this information allows you to learn more about your audience, but also market to them more actively when it comes time to sell seats for your paid webinar.
  • Record and sell as a VOD – Your webinar can be recorded from the backend in Yondo and later uploaded to the video store and sold as a pay per view video or as part of subscription service. This will allow you to monetize it twice over and compile a collection of content that showcases your expertise on a number of topics.
  • Turn into an audio book or DVD to sell – That same content can be repurposed into a number of different formats. You can create audiobooks out of the recording or re-record the script for your webinar, you can turn the video into a DVD or digital download you list on Amazon, or you can repurpose all of it into an eBook or Kindle book.

There are several ways to turn content into a new stream of revenue. The key is to ensure the value is always high and the content unique.

Leveraging Webinars as a Money Making Tool

If you are using webinars as a marketing tool for your business, the next step to monetizing them isn’t a large one. It just requires additional attention to the specific needs of your audience and content that addresses those needs directly. If you can create this type of content and build a system through which it is possible to communicate with your audience the value of that content, you’ll be able to charge for access easily.

Using your social media presence, a carefully run ad campaign, and aggressive list-building tactics, you can then create a money making machine from your live online broadcasts. This is a powerful way to build your business online and one that fits well with many other tools you’ll be using.


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