How to Use Videos for Lead Generation

As a business owner, one of the greatest challenges you face is driving new business. Developing a successful sales funnel that moves prospects to customers is vitally important, but so too is filling that funnel with qualified prospects.

And yet lead generation, especially in certain highly technical or very specific fields, can be costly, time consuming, and slow. That’s why video can be such a powerful tool – providing an active content marketing channel that offers immense value to your prospects and pulls them into your sales funnel with a decent amount of information.

How Video Lead Generation Works

Using video to generate leads is similar to any other content marketing tactic. You provide high quality content that addresses and solves key problems you know your prospects have. They then provide their contact information in exchange for access to that information.

The most important part of this process is ensuring you have content in place that actively addresses the biggest problems of your audience. To do that you can:

Research Where They Spend Their Time – Look for where your prospects are active online. Your industry will determine the answer to this, whether it is industry forums, general social media, or video sites.
Look for Common Questions in Forums and Groups – When you find the places your prospects spend their time, gather common questions and concerns they voice in those arenas and use them to seed your content.
Ask Your Current Sales Team or Prospects for Problems – When all else fails ask. If you have a sales team in place, they will have heard many of the most common questions or problems faced by prospects. If you sell directly, you can ask prospects yourself for these insights as part of the discovery process.

By addressing issues faced by your ideal customer base head on, you can create video content that solves those problems, looks enticing to them, and pulls them into your funnel where they are almost instantly qualified as a high quality lead.

Using Yondo for Video Lead Generation

Traditionally, content marketing relies on a combination of landing pages, thank you pages, forms, and other conversion points to get someone from “I have a question” to your content. For those using video as their content of choice, this made things more complicated.

Which is why Yondo is such an effective platform for video lead generation – because it already has a system built-in for acquiring information from users before they access your library. While at its core Yondo is designed to provide a payment gateway for access to your video content, it can also be used as a lead generation tool as part of your content marketing campaign.

You can create a video library on your Yondo store and populate it with free content that is essential in solving key problems for your audience. To gain access to this content, your prospects will go through a checkout process during which they will provide the data you need to make the lead generation process smoother.

This is achievable with the custom checkout fields that you can define from the backend of the tool. This allows you to ask for whatever data you and your sales team need from a lead – whether it’s location, phone number, industry, position in a company, or product/service application. The end result is a pool of information for your sales and marketing teams that populates when people access your video on demand library.

Generating Leads from Your Video on Demand Library

Content marketing is about providing the most value possible for your viewers.Click To Tweet In the end, your “payment” is the information you gather from leads. Whatever the cost is to create this content, it is a one-time expense. You can continue to generate leads through your video for months or even years to come.

You will still need to drive traffic to the video on demand landing pages, however. This requires use of a number of outside channels including:

YouTube – YouTube is the world’s largest video platform and it allows you to get your best free content in front of thousands of people at any given time. Use the platform liberally to seed interest in your larger video library and to drive traffic back to your lead generation pages.
Your Blog – A blog can draw from both written and video content that will in turn drive traffic back to your video on demand library where users can sign up for access. Whether it’s a write-up of some key points in a video or one of the videos embedded for viewing, this serves as a powerful and effective way to drive traffic.
Paid Ads – The fastest way to drive traffic to your library is with paid ads. Specifically, you can use Google AdWords to run video ads on YouTube or you can pay for Facebook Ads and target people by demographic, company, or location, sometimes with video.
Email – If you have prospects in your email list you’ve generated from other sources, drive them to your video library to gather additional information and gauge interest in a deeper conversation.

While a video on demand library with a lead generation form to capture lead data is an extremely powerful tool for your sales and marketing efforts, don’t forget the importance of driving traffic to that funnel as well.

Yondo’s toolset offers a number of features that are ideal for lead generation in various industries, and if you’re interested in utilizing video for both monetization and lead gen, it’s incredibly versatile.


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