How Video Can Help You Tell Your Brand’s Story (Examples)

Branding is often what tells the story about your business. It’s what sets you apart from the rest and draws attention to the cornerstones of your business. These stories are imperative for any business looking to draw a loyal audience of consumers because they give a consumer something to identify with. Video is typically the most popular platform for businesses to employ when creating these stories because of it’s unique ability to entertain and engage.

Thousands of marketing videos and advertisements are distributed everyday, each addition bringing with it more innovative content and so you need something that’s going to keep you ahead of the pack. This means knowing what tools are available to you to help you tell your brand’s story.

Below are some expert examples to demonstrate the kind of content you should seek to create.




Trending videos are those that choose to incorporate pop culture, celebrities and fads. This is a category that’s rapidly gaining popularity amongst video marketers because they make a big impact. By aligning your business with topical ideas and interests you are able to demonstrate how you understand the desires of your consumers. This content is often what goes viral.

Andriod have have a huge amount of success with their new video titled “Friends Furever” that’s gathered over 26 million views. Comprised entirely of stock footage, the video takes the immense popularity of cute animal videos and uses it to make a statement about their integration capabilities. Without being overt, it also highlights what sets them apart from their competitors. Andriod have always been seen as the lesser developed competitor to Apple, this video demonstrated that Andriod were able to be fresh, innovative and on-trend too.




Humour is arguably the most widely used tool for creating video marketing content that appeals to a wide demographic. Everyone’s favourite way to be entertained is through comedy so incorporating it will never get old. One of the most successful uses of video marketing humour was done by Old Spice. Prior to this video, Old Spice was seen as a range of products for old men. When the video was released it went viral immediately, largely due to it’s uniqueness, it’s visual effects and it’s humorous qualities. With this single video, Old Spice created something that was able to re-define their brand’s story.




Game changer video marketing is all about tackling big issues. For Dove, it was their ‘Campaign for Real Beauty’ that went viral. Dove thought to stand out from the crowd and draw attention to the issues within the beauty industry, rather than promulgate them. In doing so Dove positioned themselves as the solution rather than the problem. By using real women and real-life situations to illustrate their points, Dove we able to create an eye-opening video marketing campaign that caused a lot of controversy and opened up the issue to the mainstream media. This campaign ultimately shaped the entire narrative for the brand.




Google Earth really tapped in on how it’s service is able to help people. They showcased their brand as the hero of the story – the one thing that’s able to make the impossible, possible without being too explicit about the marketing and branding elements.

What’s particularly effective about using these stories as video marketing content is that it says something about your brand in a very implicit way. It doesn’t feel like you’re being fed a brand, it feels like you are hearing a story.

By using stories such as this as marketing content, you are able to appeal to the emotions in a very robust way, which encourages people to act and respond to your business in a manner that’s entirely shaped by you.




Do Gooders are the businesses and organizations that choose to focus on the positive effects their products and services have on the world. This video marketing is often highly emotive and uplifting, which helps you associate the business with the good work they are involved with.

If your business is involved in any community or charity work, this could be a chance for you to showcase that and build your brand around the issues that matter to you.

Kenco, a coffee company that has taken the tainted image of the coffee industry, acknowledged it’s flaws and have found a way to help the situation through their Coffee vs. Gangs campaign.




Using these testimonials as marketing content shows not only that you are valued by your customers, but also that you value them and their opinions.

Gathering these testimonials can sometimes be tricky, but nowadays there are so many different ways of collecting them. If you’re doing your job, you’ll be sure to have at least a couple of happy customers that will be glad to take a minute to talk about your business (and if not, add in a few incentives!) Sometime it can even be a bonus to focus on one employee who’s willing to do a more comprehensive testimonial, as shown in the example below. Of course, you can pay for actors to do artificial testimonials, but it’s quite difficult to pull that off unless you’ve got high quality talent – which can also become quite expensive too. Another thing you could consider is hosting an event for your clients and conducting live interviews with attendees.

A perfect testimonial marketing video will always be personal and genuine.

Help Scout have put together a great testimonial video, that speaks volumes about the usefulness of the product, from an in-depth and real-life perspective: 




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