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How Video Can Improve Your Customer Service

Customer service is on track to becoming a leading factor that drives sales in the near future, next to price and product. Customer service demonstrates how important your customers are to you. By investing in a range of services that allows for an open and clear line of communication between you and your customers, you are truly enabling the success of your business. By introducing video into your customer service strategy, you are ensuring that your customers will also have a positive and enjoyable experience with your business. Follow these few tips below to help you integrate video into your customer service strategy and watch what a difference it can make.




What’s more engaging than a 1000 word description about your business in the ‘about me’ section of your website? A lot of things, but the most effective alternative is video. You see this with so many companies today, all ditching their tired about me sections and replacing them with professional, exciting and engaging videos about their business. Not only will this make for a more exciting description, it will also help you connect with your audience on a more personal level, putting a human face to your business  – which is something that is highly valued by many prospective clients. Further, it will give your business and your products and services a background story, so as to demonstrate your transparency which helps customers better understand you, leading to an overall more positive experience between you and your customers.




How many times have you been in a training session and completely zoned out for one reason or another? It happens all the time because people simply can’t retain lots of information, regardless of it’s importance. This is where training videos become useful. They’re something you only have to create once, that has the capacity to be seen millions of times, over and over again by different employees. When it comes to customer service, ensuring that your employees are knowledgeable about what’s expected of them is paramount. Whether it’s explaining different workplace practices, introducing them to the company’s cornerstones or how to solve common customer conflicts – videos can be a great way to train staff about best practices for customer service.




Sometimes text just doesn’t cut it for some people trying to learn something new. It can become very frustrating when you’ve got little more than some images and large blocks of text to follow along with. If you want to improve your customer service and reduce the influx of disgruntled emails you may be receiving about your products and services, try converting your support articles and frequently asked questions into videos. Have a narrator demonstrate how to navigate your products and services, have them explain some basic industry jargon, have a representative discuss your pricing system. All of these small things can really simplify your business’s processes, leading to a better experience with your products and services and higher overall satisfaction of your support system.




Webinars are a particularly effective customer service tool because they allow for interaction between your customers/ attendees and your business on a professional platform. They give you the opportunity to communicate with current and potential clients in a way no other marketing tool can. Webinars will typically involve a ‘chat’, where you can get on-the-spot feedback, advice and questions straight from your audience or source all-important feedback. The Q&A portion of the webinar is key when it comes to fostering client relationships as it also allows you to solicit feedback, find out what your prospects’ actual needs are, and use this information to ensure your company is meeting those needs. Hosting a webinar shows that your business has the knowledge and the solutions for your customers. Try hosting one yourself and you’ll see a great improvement to your businesses overall customer service.




Interacting with customers can sometimes be extremely time consuming and costly. If you’ve got a  larger client base, but perhaps a limited amount of staff there to assist these customers – live 1-to-1 sessions can be a great alternative for your business. This is because they allow you to see more clients in a shorter period of time; you don’t have to account for the pleasantries of a formal meeting eg. Would you like something to drink? Did you find a car park?. It’s also more convenient and considerate for your customers. Rather than requiring them to visit your office for a meeting, you can interact with them personally at the click of a button allowing for a more open line of communication, which also demonstrates your consistency. With live 1-to-1 sessions, you still get the face-to-face interaction that is crucial for good customer service, just on a far more convenient platform for both you and your customers.




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