How Video Technology Revolutionizes Franchisee Training

One of the most important components of onboarding a new franchisee for your business is training. Your expectations are high and you want to ensure the brand guidelines, processes, and structure of your company are represented in the actions of every franchisee.

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With video in particular, it’s now possible to streamline training from any location, setting high expectations that your franchisees can realistically meet.

Long business trips to follow up on training sessions, out of date printed manuals, and rarely read or followed guidelines can be replaced with video to ensure the best possible performance across the board for your team.

Let’s take a look at how this technology is changing the training process for the better and the tools you can look into if you’re ready to update your approach.

Group Training & Webinars

There are two major components to franchisee training – onboarding them and introducing them to the company and its brand, and keeping them up to date with new policies, products, or services.

For both of these components, coordination can be a headache. How do you ensure hundreds or potentially thousands of franchise operators and staff are on the same page when changes are made? That’s where group training and webinars can have a profound, positive impact on your training. Specifically, they offer:

  • Streamlined Onboarding for Teams – Using group training sessions through Yondo’s webinar tool, you can invite several people at once to review onboarding and training materials. Instead of just one or two people who will then share that material with the rest of their team, you can oversee all training delivered to the entire team of a new franchisee.
  • Group Updates for Multiple Franchisees – A major obstacle when making a change to your corporate strategy is sharing it with all of your franchisees. Group updates can be made to dozens of owners at the same time if you plan to update branding, launch a new marketing campaign, introduce a new product, or change a procedure at the corporate level.
  • Ongoing Training Sessions – Because there are always new products, services, and processes being developed, ongoing training is a must. Rather than making people travel or relying on them to review printed materials, a webinar allows you to introduce those concepts live and follow up with supplemental video content that addresses the changes.
  • Record Content for Those Who Can’t Attend – No matter how well you prepare for a webinar, not everyone will be able to attend. That’s why recording is such a necessity. With Yondo you can record your group training sessions and share them later with anyone who couldn’t attend.

When utilized properly, group training sessions will help keep all members of your franchise team on the same page.

Live 1:1 Meetings

As you onboard new franchisees, there will be several situations in which you need to meet with them individually, whether during the onboarding process or as part of future follow up.

The key benefit to this type of functionality is that it streamlines these meetings and allows you to meet with people face to face without requiring members of your team or franchisees to travel long distances.

Not only does this allow you to reduce travel requirements, but you can have more face-time with members of your franchisee team and discuss concerns, new opportunities, or developments in the industry.

Video on Demand

The third video technology that can help streamline so much of the training process is video on demand. Video allows you to reduce dependency on print or text training manuals, create more engaging content, and ensure all franchisees have instant access to that content when updates are made.

Here are some of the specific benefits you can enjoy when using video on demand as a core part of your franchise training program.

  • Create More Engaging Content – Video is more engaging than text and it offers a faster way to disseminate information to a large group of people. Having a video on demand library increases the likelihood that all members of franchisee teams will review content as needed.
  • Ensure Everyone Is Getting the Same Training – By using a video on demand library, you can ensure all franchisees are getting the same training from the same resource. Printed manuals or PDFs can be downloaded and may become out of date but remain in circulation. Videos from a central on demand library won’t have that issue.
  • Provide Visuals for Updated Products or Facility Changes – When you introduce a new product or service, make facility changes, or want to showcase some new part of what you are doing at the corporate level, video is the best way to convey it.
  • Introduce Members of the Corporate Team in Non-Live Settings – Personalization is very important in this industry. The more your corporate team interacts with franchisees, the better the relationship will be. Video makes it that much easier to make those introductions.

By creating content that helps build a relationship with your franchisees, you’ll see higher performance rates, better adherence to corporate policies, and a stronger base of entrepreneurs that trust and want to help you grow your brand.

Yondo can be a central part of that mission, providing the technology needed for all three of the above applications in your franchisee training program. To learn more about Yondo and how it can help you get more out of your training, contact us today.


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