Live 1-to-1 Booking Plugin (Feature Highlight)

If you are running an online business it is common for your website to be your home base where you direct customers for information about your business.


Here at Yondo, we’re secure in our ability to help you further your online business through our unique software. However we also understand the importance of synchronicity and ensuring that all of your vital online content is directed back to one place – your website.


Having a feature that allows you to sell your Yondo services directly from your website is ideal.


That’s why we’ve created the Live 1-to-1 booking plugin feature. This feature allows your website homepage to integrate with one of Yondo’s most useful tools – the booking system.


Yondo’s booking system is an internationally mapped calendar that allows customers to schedule their Live 1-to-1 consultations with you directly from your website. Here, clients can view your hours of availability in their respective time-zones, sign-up to your sessions and checkout all on the one page.


The plugin still allows for users to view the same simplistic Yondo interface, just without having to be redirected through the Yondo system which can mean more sales for your business.


You can also integrate the booking calendar plugin into your email marketing system for even more value. This way, when users are notified about your upcoming webinars or live 1-to-1 sessions, they can register right from the email for maximum convenience and maximum conversion rates.


Integrating the plugin is as simple as copying the code from your Yondo store to your webpage or email marketing system.
If you’re looking for a professional finish, and synchronicity across your website and Yondo store, this feature is ideal.


For more information, click the link below:

How To Add A Live 1-To-1 ‘Book Now’ Plugin To Your Personal Website







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