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7 Benefits of Teaching on an Online Live Class Platform

Nowadays teachers and trainers of all sorts can provide lessons and classes with the click of a button. Amazing technology solutions have provided a way for teachers, trainers, and students to continue classes and work while proving that learning doesn’t just occur in the classroom. How can you start expanding your teaching practice, you might ask? Your own online live class platform!

Online live class platforms have become more common over the past couple of years. These platforms are designed to make teaching and training fun, easy, and engaging. If you are a teacher or trainer looking to expand your business, here are some reasons why you should consider using an online live class platform to extend your offerings.

1: Your Business, Your Rulesbe your own boss cup

The best part about running your own business is being your own boss.

When using an online live class platform, you are in total control of what you want your business to look like. Decide how you want the classes to work, what area of teaching or instructing you would like to focus on, who can sign up for your classes, and every other aspect of your business. Along with this, you get to set your own hours, send out e-invites, and can still really get to know your clientele from a personal level, while operating completely online. 

2: Built-In Payment Wall

Sometimes, it can be difficult to set up different payment methods while teaching from a remote location. Using a teaching platform makes this step so much easier as most will integrate with a safe and secure payment gateway to process your payments. With the click of a couple of buttons, you can have your customers pay with any major credit card. You can also customize how you want your clients to pay. 

Whether it is a pay-per-view for video lessons or selling packages of live classes together,  your clients will have access to all of your offerings, no matter where they are.


3: Publishing Live Group Classes, 1-to-1 Sessions, and Webinars

tutoring on an online live class platform

While using an online live class platform, you can publish pre-recorded videos, stream live on-demand group classes, or host private sessions with your customers. You can publish videos, and this means your clients and customers can access your courses whenever is convenient for them. Live Group Classes allow you to be in charge of the session, starting and ending your classes when you want and engaging with your customers live. Imagine you are a teacher selling online music lessons, all of these functions can have a huge impact on your business.

While holding live one-on-one sessions, you can gain a better relationship with the people taking your classes or courses and easily dedicate your full attention to them. Hosting live video sessions and the private one-on-one session feature on an online teaching platform can be just as effective as face-to-face teaching and can be much more convenient.  Human connection is important always, but these platforms give us the ability to connect from anywhere in the world.

4: All-In-One System That’s Easily Accessible

Having all the tools and resources in one place makes teaching online that much simpler. And who doesn’t love the easy access to things? With everything you need in one easy-to-use platform,  running your business becomes so much easier. You’re able to schedule bookings with clients, send out reminder emails, manage your payments and host your sessions, all in one place. 

With just the click of a few buttons, you and your customers will be able to access your virtual classroom to connect for your lessons. All you need is a computer, webcam, teaching tools, and a strong internet connection, and you are good to go. This full eCommerce system makes your life that much easier. Say goodbye to platforms that force you to use multiple resources to create a great website, and say hello to platforms that include it all. 

5: Can Teach/Train Anyone from Anywhere 

One of the most amazing things about working from a remote location is being able to work from anywhere. With the power of using an online live class platform, you can teach anyone you want from anywhere in the world. Can you say freedom?

If you wanted to teach someone who lives in the United Kingdom while you live in the States, it is possible. Or if you wanted to move to another town, state, or even country, you can still keep the same students with your business minimally affected. The advancements of technology over the past years have made any kind of work possible to be completed from wherever you like. 

6: Someone’s Always Looking to Learn Something New

teaching math on an online live class platform

You may not think of it right now, but there is always someone or a group of people looking to learn a new activity, hobby, or get trained in a specific field. Whether it is teaching an art class, music lessons, or wanting to get professional business consulting from an expert. These are just a couple of the industries that can be taught/trained using an online live class platform. The possibilities of what you can teach online are truly endless.

People want to explore more hobbies, talents, and sources of work. You can be the person to help achieve their dreams to come true, or even help them out by teaching/training them in the basics. Whatever industry you may be in, someone around the world is looking to seek help from a professional, and that just might be you 

7: Searching for The Right Online Live Class Platform

So after hearing about the amazing and easy things an online live classroom platform can offer for you, your business, and your students/clients, the question is what platform can provide you all of these options? 

The answer is simple, Yondo

Yondo is an online e-commerce platform that allows anyone to sell live classes, pay-per-view videos, one-on-one sessions, and webinars using our all-in-one online platform. You can integrate Yondo with your own website or select a free prebuilt store for your brand to build upon. 

 Offer paid and free content to your awesome customers to keep them engaged with your subject matter. No matter what industry you are in, Yondo can help grow your business to all aspects of your industry anywhere around the world. 

You also keep 100% of the revenue made! Who wouldn’t want that? Yondo is the simplest online live classroom platform to help better your business, whether you are remote or not. 

Teachers and trainers in industries such as art, music, fitness, and even business consulting have the power to take advantage of this amazing platform to expand their business farther than they could have imagined. With the digital tools Yondo provides, online live class platforms can help keep one’s business thriving.

So what are you going to teach online?

Yondo: your online live class platform

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