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Personalize your Products and Services to Increase Sales


Personalizing your products and services has proven to be extremely beneficial for many small businesses looking to create lasting relationships with their customers. Why? Because it demonstrates that you value your customer’s business and that you’re willing to go above and beyond for them. In order to retain customers, you want to give them the kind of experience with your products and services that they can’t walk away from – and you do this by personalizing your products and services to suit them.


Though, before you can really do this, you need to undertake a considerable amount of research into each customer. Understand their pain points, their buying habits and their individual preferences. Consider following them on social media, contact with them when appropriate, ask for more personalized feedback and in return, you can provide more personal solutions through your products and services.


Of course, your level of personalization will entirely depend on what it is you’re selling, but below are a few tips and tricks that everyone can benefit from.


ALWAYS use their name. It’s the most fundamental rule of personalisation. People like to hear their own names, especially online, where marketing content is often mass produced and impersonal. Using someone’s name in your marketing efforts is respectful, it grabs their attention and immediately makes them feel like they have more of a connection to your product. It’s such a simple tool to use that really goes a long way.


Send them small gifts. Personalized gifts are about showing each individual customer how valued they are, by taking an interest in their interactions with your business. Send them an eBook or promotional products to say thank-you and let them know exactly why – we noticed you bought.., we saw you might be interested in…, you’ve been a customer since… All of these things can really amplify your relationships with your customers.


Focus on what part of your products/ services will be most relevant to them. This can be decided upon using very simple research. While it is important for everyone to see your marketing content, it’s equally important that they’re not seeing information/ promotions that aren’t relevant to them. The more useful the content- the more useful you become to them. Set up a range of automated email services that cater for customers from different categories. For instance, if you’re a music teacher – you could separate your customers into lists of music genre’s or instruments. If you’re a fitness instructor, separate your clients into their different desires such as weight loss, building muscle, nutrition etc. While this may seem like a lot of work, it has been proven to be far more effective and will really pay off in the end.


Offer recommendations. Again, this one is all about understanding how they’re interacting with your business and offering suggestions as to how they could benefit even further from your range of services. Almost every ecommerce site nowadays makes use of this tool because it not only increases your likelihood of another purchase, but it demonstrates that you are taking an interest in their interactions with your services. Use pop-up’s and emails and lead with text that reads things like: you may also be interested in…, coming soon…etc. Letting the customer know about your complementary products and services can means that they leave with a more comprehensive experience with your business.


Introduce Live Chat to your Website. Personally, I find that there is nothing more infuriating than seeking out support for a product/ service only to be met with an automated response that tells me to await a reply. What customers are really looking for from support is to know that their concerns have been understood and that there’s something in place to fix their issue. What they don’t want is automated responses, to feel like their issues don’t matter and to have to wait days for a solution. That’s where you lose customers. That’s why live chat is such a great tool for businesses of any size – because it shows that help is always available and that you’re dedicated to keeping each customer happy.


If possible, add some customizable aspects to your products and services. Though this may not be possible for every business, it’s a very powerful tool if you can find a way to work it into your products and services. Having customizations means that people can make your business fit them and their needs which can stimulate far more interest in your products and services; ultimately leading to greater sales. You can use a more simple approach, by releasing your products in different colors, shapes and sizes to something more in-depth such as different levels of membership.


All of these things are great starting points for your business to really excel in terms of boosting its relationships with your clients. While it’s common to apply a one-size fits all blanket approach to pleasing your customers and even sourcing new ones, what’s really going to work is personalization and demonstrating that your products and services are flexible and customizable to fit the needs of everyone.





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