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How to Repurpose Blog Content Across Multiple Marketing Channels

While much of the internet has changed over the years, blogging has remained popular over a sustained period of time. Blogs are created as standalone hubs or additions to business websites, with an estimated 2.7 million posts being published each day. In many cases, though, this content is not being used to its full potential. Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies for businesses, but developing brand new content for every platform is incredibly time-consuming. You can, however,

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Create Videos

Some people within your niche would prefer to watch videos instead of reading an article. Turning a blog post into a video can attract this segment of the market, making your content more accessible. Detailed articles might not always translate into video content, but you can design a punchy video that draws viewers into reading the full post.


Design Images and Infographics

Image sites like Pinterest have a huge audience of engaged users. While Pinterest is predominantly based on images, it is possible to add text to an attractive template and include a detailed description. Designing images based on individual quotes is one option, while an article based on various facts and figures can be turned into an infographic.


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Start a Podcast

Podcasts attract dedicated audiences who will become loyal to your brand. You can create a podcast that discusses a blog post in detail, possibly interviewing other experts to find out their opinions. Alternatively, you could simplify the process by reading a small number of articles for audio consumption.


Edit for Social Media

Social media is designed around smaller chunks of content than found on most blogs. However, it is possible to edit your posts for the various social platforms. Twitter, for example, could benefit from simple quotations pulled from the article. Facebook has a feature called Instant Articles that serves content quickly for mobile users. If readers appreciate part of your content on social media, they can be convinced to become blog subscribers.


Write a Kindle Book

As you start to build a large amount of content, developing a short ebook becomes possible. An ebook doesn’t need to be too long, but it should have a hook that attracts audiences. Look to develop a theme for the book, collate the most appropriate articles, and package them together for Kindle. Having a book for sale can give you extra credibility, while you can also benefit from the large existing audience on Amazon.


Write Email Newsletters

Building a list is a fundamental part of most marketing plans. Developing consistent content can be tricky, though, with many subscribers remaining active for years. Your content can be used to provide content-heavy emails that educate readers. To make the most of the format, edit the articles to provide quick bullet points and short sentences.


Host a Webinar

Webinars are both useful sales tools and engagement strategies. You could use a webinar to promote a product, using the content of an article as the educational part of the presentation. Alternatively, you could use the webinar to increase engagement and build relationships, going into more depth about the article. A webinar can provide a looser structure than a blog post, allowing for audience interaction and broader discussions.


Speak at a Live Conference

Live conferences help with brand building and networking, immediately increasing your reputation as an expert. If you have some blog posts that gained a lot of positive feedback, you can anticipate they will be received well by a live audience. You could build some slides around the main bullet points of an article, but add additional detail, so the content feels fresh.

So many opportunities are lost when you limit your content marketing to blog posts alone. While your blog might be the central focus of your business, there are still many other platforms that appeal to a different audience. Some people might, for example, prefer to watch videos over reading articles. By repurposing the original content for additional formats, you get to target prospects that were previously out of reach. Many blog posts feature high-quality information, but unless it is integrated into a comprehensive content marketing plan, you will always limit the size of your audience.



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