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Yondo is excited to announce another great feature to allow you to sell online group sessions!

Introducing Yondo Groups to Sell Live Online Classes!

Yondo Groups is a brand new feature that allows users to meet virtually with their customers sharing their video, screen, and audio together via our in-browser Group Sessions. These Interactive Group Sessions make it easy to sell live online classes, offer packaged workshops, and even schedule internal meetings with your team. Yondo Groups takes care of every step of your customer journey for you in our all-in-one solution. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling online fitness classes, offering group tutoring sessions, or holding group therapy sessions, Yondo Groups will help you connect with your customers and increase your revenue

Easy to Use eCommerce to Sell Live Online Classes

Yondo Groups Sessions will give you the freedom to sell live online classes your way. Above all, the main feature that sets Yondo apart from other meeting solutions is the ability to sell your sessions right from your own branded online store set up through your all-in-one platform.  Set your price, meeting time, and the number of spots available in your class, and instantly publish your class to start selling. Integrate your online store with Stripe and PayPal to get paid instantly when you sell your group sessions.

As with all functions in Yondo, the Group Sessions functionality allows you to create listings and landing pages for all of your sessions. These pages include all of your session details, pictures, attachments, and anything else that will help your classes sell.

Yondo Group Sessions Landing Page To Sell Live Online Classes

Yondo automates the meeting process for you with automatic Join Session Emails.  Participants will automatically receive a Confirmation Email containing the join link as soon as they purchase their seat, as well as Reminder Emails 24 hours and 1 hour before the session. These emails are also sent when inviting participants to your Group Sessions manually. With these automatic emails, you remove your margin for error and ensure no one misses their session!

Collaborate From Anywhere

The Yondo Groups make it incredibly easy to collaborate together with your customers and your team. With the ability to create Group Sessions as a product to sell live online classes or to set up private sessions on their own, you can choose how to utilize Yondo Groups for your needs. The Yondo Groups functionality allows all participants to share their streams with each other in an interactive video chat session.

Yondo Group Session in Grid View For Live Online Classes

One of the main philosophies behind Yondo is that your customers shouldn’t have to go through the whole rigamarole of downloading software just to join your classes. With Yondo, there’s no need! Yondo Groups are completely browser-based. You and your participants just need an internet connection and an internet browser to start holding online group sessions.

Yondo’s Group Sessions are completely mobile-friendly as well. That means participants can take their classes from anywhere and on any device. And with Mobile Learning set to continue growing into a $64 billion industry by 2026 (Cision PR Newswire) mobile capabilities are a must for your live group sessions in every industry.

Safe and Secure Group Sessions Every Time

As mentioned above, joining your sessions is as easy as clicking an email. The link each participant receives in their confirmation emails is unique to each participant.  This unique link ensures that only those who have paid for your session can access it. There’s no need to worry about customers sharing their link with friends who have not purchased their seats. With Yondo, you can rest easy knowing that your participants are actually your customers and that your sessions are safe.

Security and privacy remain of the utmost importance for us at Yondo.  All Yondo Live Group Sessions are HIPAA compliant, meaning sessions are held to the same legal standard that medical professionals use in dealing with Private Health Information and Telehealth consultations.

Eliminate Disturbances in your Live Online Classes

Yondo Groups also features Total Host Controls that allows you as the host to maintain control over your sessions. If needed, You can turn off a participant’s camera or mute their microphone, which is particularly useful in limiting distractions.

We have all been to virtual meetings where dogs are barking, lawnmowers are roaring, and Jim arguing with his roommate in the background. Why can’t we all just get along Jim..?

These distractions make it incredibly difficult for participants to hear what the host is presenting.  They can also be very distracting for the host, making it difficult to focus on giving the presentation itself.  With Yondo, you will be able to minimize external distractions by muting your participants who are causing a disturbance to your sessions. You even have the ability to remove a participant all together, if they are repeatedly causing disturbances.

Keep Everyone Comfortable

Your participants have the ability to change the way they share their streams within the session itself. They can share their feed with everyone in the group session, just the host, or no one at all. This is a great way to ensure that participants feel comfortable in your sessions, knowing that others will not be able to see or hear them. You as the host also have the ability to change these settings for your participants with your host controls.

For example, when hosting a fitness class, it can be useful to see your clients. This may be to give them proper instructions or just to motivate them. You may have some customers who are not confident showing themselves on video for any number of reasons. You can set everyone in your participant’s list to ‘Share with Host’ to maintain your customer privacy.  Only you, as the host, will be able to see and hear your customers in this sharing setting. Your Participants will be more comfortable in your sessions and reassured that their privacy is maintained.

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Present Like a Pro

It is extremely beneficial to include screen-sharing capabilities in your live online classes. Whether you are offering group coaching sessions or teaching art classes online, sharing your screen can help you engage with your customers with helpful visual aids and presentations. It has been shown that visuals have the potential ability to quadruple comprehension.

Yondo Group Session Presentation in Focus View

You can also allow your customers to add insights to your Group Sessions. Change the sessions focus to their streams making them the center of attention. As a result, your customers will feel more valued and will better retain information given in your class.

Yondo Pro Tip: If you are planning to share your screen in your Group Sessions or Class, remember to turn off your on-screen notifications for other apps. They can be distracting for viewers and possibly reveal sensitive content you don’t want to show. 

In Conclusion, Yondo gives you the power to easily run your sessions your way.  Teach interactive tutoring sessions, offer small group fitness classes, or even hold your next weekly meeting with Yondo Groups. For more information on how to set up your Group Sessions, check out our Support Knowledge Base article on How to Organize and Run your Yondo Group Sessions.


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