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5 Great Ways to Easily Share Your Referral Link and Earn Rewards

A referral link is a URL that simultaneously allows a company to promote its product and a customer to receive a financial bonus. As a loyal customer, referral programs can be a great way to earn rewards with some of your favorite businesses and retailers. Many companies will offer substantial discounts and even freebies for every friend that you refer. Here at Yondo, you can earn up to $300 in rewards credit for each friend that you refer! To make use of this great offer, you just need to have a paid Yondo subscriptions and you can start racking up the rewards!

If you already are a Yondo customer, you can find your referral link by clicking on the “Refer Friends” section in your Yondo dashboard or check out our support article on our Referral Program.

Now you might be asking yourself, what’s the best way to share my referral link that really drives success in my referrals? In this article, we’ll go through a number of ways that make it easy to share any referral link and start earning your rewards including:

  • Sending your Referral Links via Email
  • Sharing your Referral Links via Social Media
  • Publishing your Referral Link on a Blog
  • Creating a Review Video
  • Writing your Own Article

Send Your Referral Link via Email

Share your referral link with others

One of the easiest ways to refer your friends to Yondo is via email. Email continues to be the most common form of communication given its simple and instantaneous nature. Email also allows you to send the link to more than one person, thereby increasing your chances of a friend clicking on your URL. If you’re looking to send an email to more than one person but don’t want to put everyone in a group chat altogether, the BCC function can be a useful tool to send out referral links in a timely manner.

Here are a few great examples of email templates that you can copy when you want to share your Yondo referral links.

Subject:  Check out this great deal from Yondo!

Body:  Hi there,

I have loved expanding my online business with Yondo and think that you would definitely love it too! Get up to a $300 discount when you sign up for a Yondo free trial with my link below!

<your link here>

Feel free to share this link with more friends to spread the word!


Subject: Have you heard about Yondo’s latest deal?!

Body: Hi Samantha,

Spread the word! Yondo is offering up to $300 in rewards credit to anyone who signs up for a Yondo free trial using the code below! This can be a great way to earn some extra money by expanding your online offerings, as well as showcase an amazing online eCommerce platform.

Check it out: <your link here>


Subject:     Want to start offering Online Classes to your clients?

Body:  Hey there!

Looking to take your business online? Yondo offers an easy-to-use online platform that allows you to make money doing what you do best. Best of all, Yondo is offering up to $300 in rewards credit to anyone who uses the link below to sign up!

<your link here>

Check it out!


Feel free to use these templates as you please, but make sure to remember that adding a little personal touch to messages can go a long way. This can look a variety of ways including adding a personalized subject line, eye-catching design, or an image that brings your referral email to life. Lastly, remember to keep your email concise; the recipient is probably busy just like you are.

Share your Referral Link via Social Media

 Share your referral link on social media

People of all ages and backgrounds often spend hours and hours scrolling through Instagram, Snapchat, etc., enabling social media to be another effective means to share your referral link. However, keep in mind that it’s important to weigh which platform you have already generated an authority on. For instance, if you find your Instagram stories tend to get more views and comments than Facebook stories, Instagram may be the best option for distributing your link.

There are many options to publicize your link on social media including but not limited to stories, posts, and commenting on another user’s page. You may find sharing the link to a social media group, such as a Facebook group, might be also a successful way of generating interested customers. Every feed is different, so consider which option will drive the most clicks for your personal account.

Additionally, think about if your audience will truly benefit from seeing your link on that platform. If you don’t think many of your followers will be interested, you may want to consider using another method to share your referral link.

Another great way to spread the word regarding your URL is by adding it to your social media about sections and bios. When exploring your social profiles, most people won’t just look at your feed. They will look everywhere throughout your profiles, including your about section or bio. By adding your referral links to your bios, you can share what services and products you use to run your business and help those who are looking to get into the industry also

The best part about adding your link to your Social Media Bios is that they are evergreen, meaning you only need to post it once and it can continue to earn you rewards.

Publish Your Referral Link in your Blog

entering referral link on computer

If you have a blog that you actively update, adding your referral links to posts can be a great way to promote your referral links. Ending a blog post by calling your followers to action is a very effective way in helping your customers convert not only for your products and services but also for any that you are referring to as well.

Using your Yondo referral link as an example, you might want to write a post about the benefits of running online classes and how they can benefit both teachers and customers. This does not have to be a super in-depth post, but rather can simply include a few bullet points that detail your honest experience using Yondo as well as its functionalities.

If you don’t own your own blog or don’t think a post on your page would effectively spread the word about Yondo, you can consider posting on another person’s forum. Think of someone in your industry who you admire and has a decent-sized following. If that person runs their own blog, you can serve as a guest poster to share Yondo’s referral link.

Lastly, if posting just isn’t your style, leaving a short comment or remark on a blog post can also be an effortless way to market your link.

Creating a Review Video

If you enjoy getting creative with marketing efforts, you might love creating your own review video. Keep in mind that this video does not have to be fancy, but can simply touch on a few key points regarding what Yondo has to offer. For instance, you may want to discuss how Yondo allows a business to make money with classes and courses because of its eCommerce design.

Similarly, the editing in the video does not have to be intricate, either. Using straightforward software such as iMovie or Powtoon can help you put your video together in a high-quality manner as well as in a short amount of time.

You can publicize the video anywhere you want. We recommend pushing it to your own blog or YouTube if you have a channel already underway. Also, include the URL in the description of your video so that it is easily accessible to those who watch it and want to learn more about Yondo.

Writing Your Own Article

Writing your very own article may sound daunting at first, but can be a very effective way to share your referral link. Below is a template to help you get started:

Title: Sell Live Online Sessions & Videos On Demand with Yondo!

Introduction:  Explain what Yondo’s has to offer and introduce what you will be talking

about in the rest of the article (i.e, why someone should try out Yondo’s


Body Paragraph(s): Dive into the many attributes of Yondo. You may want to discuss

Yondo’s easy to use booking calendar, ability to host live 1:1 and group sessions, as well as any other features that you have enjoyed using as a customer of Yondo

Conclusion: Wrap up your article with a call to action! This is a great opportunity to

highlight your referral link and let your followers know they can save with your link!

These articles can be published anywhere you desire. We recommend your own blog or website for your brand. If that sounds like something you would want to do to share your referral link, open a Word document and get writing!


So what are you waiting for?! Get out there and start earning referral rewards today!

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