Social Media Tips & Tricks for your Online Business

When launching your business online and thinking about your marketing strategy, social media should be at the very top of your list. Social media’s greatest advantage for your business is that it puts consumers at your fingertips. Your content is delivered straight to them, and if done well could mean great things for your business. Unfortunately, navigating this wide-world of online social media marketing is sometimes tricky, especially when we’re bombarded by different sites, different types of content, and millions of consumers all after different things.

Have a social media strategy. Many people make the mistake of getting involved on multiple platforms of social media and either forgetting to post content, or posting irrelevant, un-targeted content that is not developing your brand or engaging new clients – which after all is the endgame of online marketing. To avoid this, think about what you really want from your social media presence, then begin tailoring your social media posts to things that might help achieve this. Keep track of your fails and successes with your posts and constantly readjust your content to optimize your chances of success.

Be across all platforms if you can be. In most cases it is good to be across all social media networks to ensure you’re reaching as many potential clients as possible. However this typically takes a large amount of human and financial resources to achieve. Otherwise, stick to two or three that are most relevant to you. As a general rule is is better to be successful on a couple than average on all. Think about what the most popular sites are and which of those will be most beneficial to you; and for what reason.

In order to really get an understanding you have to have a clear idea of what you want from your social media marketing. Do you want to boost your sales? Extend your client/ customer base? Other things to consider might be: What services are you offering? What platform are you trying to sell it on? Video, images, long-form text, short-form text? And finally, what is your demographic?

Thinking about your target audience and the demographics of each social media site is important. For instance, Facebook is good because it’s relevant to anyone and everyone. Linkedin on the other hand is mostly for the over 35’s which means it may to be ideal for everyone.

Equally as important, is ensuring that you are producing the right content for the right platform. If your online marketing content is mostly visual, Twitter and Instagram are ideal as they allow for images with little to no text. If your content is textual – then Facebook and Blogs are fantastic as they are designed for reading.

You also need to think about what each person is using the site for. Do they spend time reading content? Are they watching videos, Are they looking through images? You don’t go on Linkedin to post selfies, just as you don’t go on Facebook to proposition business for potential partnerships and understanding this is key.

Use your social media sites as a means of connecting with your consumers. It’s not enough to be posting content to them – you need to be in conversation with them about it. Through this dialogue businesses can grow a trusting relationship with their audience, receive great advice and build a loyal customer base.

If you really want your content to be high quality, consider investing in a social media expert that can take care of your social media as they can be extremely helpful for your online business because running social media accounts can be extremely time consuming. Also, hiring an expert means that you do not have to waste valuable time and money training yourself, or other members of staff.

You can also use your social media sites to monitor your customers. Hootsuite is an absolute powerhouse for this feature as it lets you set up pages dedicated to the monitoring of your business and your brand. Monitoring also means that you are getting valuable feedback about your service/ product which can be extremely useful for progressing your online business.

Finally, use your social media marketing to really build your branding. This is perhaps more relevant to Instagram and Facebook users. Images can tell a thousands words about your online business. When done correctly, you can collect a following based purely off a collection of stylistically branded images. Learn how to take a good picture, learn how to edit and filter those images, learn how to write a good caption and you’ll be doing wonders for your business online.






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