Tips For Making Your Online Videos More Appealing

Every day, millions of videos are uploaded to the internet and thousands of these videos are essentially just different videos all saying the same thing. A simple YouTube search of ‘cat videos’ returns almost 28 million videos. 28 million, on the one topic. There is so much content and competition that it makes the task of entering into this colossal market seem daunting and undesirable.

The positive? How much money you can stand to make from this enormous market, with the right content and the right techniques. Below are some tips that should help you along the way.


Humor really goes a long way with online videos. Think about the kinds of things that you could relate back to your content, as well as your target audience and what types of things they are likely to find funny. If are you are relaxed and are having a good time making your videos, chances are other people will feel the same way when watching them.


If humor is not your strong suit – or just not suited to your content, make your video emotive. Emotion is the driving source behind entertainment and so being able to tap into human emotion can be just as effective as humour or any other entertainment tactics. Ultimately, it’s going to be what causes people to watch.


When you’re uploading your video, think about it’s SEO potential. The title should be a result of terms that you think someone interested in your video would search. You also need to think about creating a great thumbnail. The best thumbnails are typically stills from a video which then have things added to them like bold, colorful text and graphics in order to make them stand out from the rest.


If your video is actually marketing content, be discreet. Advertisements are the most annoying thing about online videos. Don’t be overt with your marketing ploys or it will deter people (especially younger demographics) from watching your videos. The most successful promotional videos will be ones that advertise elusively, ones that seamlessly integrate good video techniques with advertising.


Of all the social media platforms Facebook is a video maker’s best friend. In recent years it has seen a surge of popularity for online video, so use it as a way to promote your videos.


If you’re explaining a complex subject, introduce an element of familiarity.  Find a common ground that everyone in your target audience will be able to relate to. A well-known story or character can work wonders. Whether it’s a celebrity, a cartoon, or a song, integrating this element will be an entertaining way to engage your audience and simplify your subject matter.


Keep it short and sharp. This is the golden rule of successful online videos. With the immense popularity of Vines and short form videos, it is difficult to engage a viewer for just three minutes, so think about succinct ways of getting your messages across. For instance, if you’re making a video about a complex topic, a better idea would be to make it into several videos.


Sound, lighting and editing quality matters. Quality is key when making great online videos for the simple reason that we associate quality looks with quality content. Give your video a competitive edge over content of the same kind by investing in quality video sound, lighting and editing equipment.


Make sure your video has a lot of sensory engagement. In order to make your videos appealing, incorporate things like images, sound effects, animation and music .Something that will always grab a viewer’s attention is clear audio and great animation.


Make sure your video can be viewed across all platforms and devices. This is to ensure that everyone that comes across your video can actually watch it. It’s also good to make it as shareable as possible, as that’s how your video will get traction. This means keeping it entertaining, funny, and most importantly, short.






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