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Top 10 Content Marketing Tips

For online businesses, standing out in the crowd has always been tough, but nowadays, it’s becoming even harder. Marketers now have to go to great lengths to generate any kind of attention, so you need to ensure that all of your efforts aren’t wasted. Content marketing goes beyond the ads, the email marketing and direct sales tactics to provide something that customers and prospects actually want and need. The key to succeeding in this field is innovation and finding new ways of attracting prospects through the creation and distribution of useful content.


Below are some tips to help you along the way!



Social media ads really are the most effective way to amplify the reach of your content. Sure, you can promote your content as many times as you’d like – but it’s not going to get you anywhere near as much attention from those outside of your circle. Attracting new prospects is what content marketing is all about, so consider investing in a few ads to help push your content that extra mile.



In order to create quality content that’s going to resonate with people, you need to know specifically who you’re targeting in the first place. The same tactics to engage a 40+ working male are not going to be effective for a 20+ female student. Creating buyer personas can be extremely useful to help you plan and produce your content. Getting inside the mind of your buyer and figuring out where your products and services align with their wants and needs is ultimately what’s going to help you boost your conversions.



There’s no use getting started on any project if you don’t have a solid plan in place. Not doing so jeopardizes your potential for success so it’s important to create something to ensure your efforts are not wasted. Posting calendars are a high priority for content marketing because you want the right content to go out at the right time, via the right platforms for maximum impact. You want new content to be shared consistently and as frequently as possible. And finally, you want dynamism to ensure you aren’t constantly posting content of a similar topic or type (unless it’s in a series!)



Influencers can do wonders for your content marketing. A simply recommendation or shared link from an influencer can boost your CTR’s immensely, so you should always be on the lookout for opportunities. Actively engage with them when appropriate by commenting on their posts, sharing their content and messaging them about relevant topics (But be careful not to bombard them!) You could also inquire about guest blog opportunities to gain traffic and build authority.



SEO is always going to be your very best friend when it comes to content marketing. You create this content to be distributed and SEO works as the postage stamp. Without it, it won’t get anywhere. Basic SEO practices include using keywords, optimizing headlines, using video and imagery and introducing a call to action. You also need to ensure that your content is of a sufficient length to perform well. Search engine crawlers take preference to content that is +1000 in length.



Analytics are fundamental to the success of any content marketing endeavours. Having a good system in place ensures that you can make sense of your efforts and track your success. Your analytics are going to tell you exactly what you should and should not be posting. It will tell you which topics are most popular, what types of content is most popular and will give you a good indication of what you need to add and eliminate from your strategy, as well as where your focus should be.



While trending content will bring you in high CTR’s and generate more attention at first, it should not be the primary focus of your content marketing strategy. Trending content is anything topical – think; industry news, technology fads, pop culture etc. While it is often easier to produce, this is content that will date quickly and will not serve you well in the long run. Evergreen content is the real winner. This is content that will stick around and remain relevant over time – think; how to’s, reviews and instructional guides and lists. As a time-poor business person, you don’t want to be spending time crafting things that fade rapidly, you want to create something that’s going to last. While this content is usually more time consuming to produce, it really pays off in terms of SEO when done properly.



Nowadays, people want to feel as though they are doing business with a real life person that they can relate to. There is now a desire from customers, to be spoken to as friends that they can trust. Imitate this in your content marketing and you’ll see the difference it can make for your sales and conversion rates. If you feel as though you aren’t able to portray these tones, consider hiring a freelancer or practice and try writing at different times of the day using different influencers as inspiration.


If you’re feeling stuck it’s only natural you’d seek inspiration from somewhere – so why not get it from your competitors. All successful businesses do it. While we would never recommend stealing ideas, sometimes in can be useful to analyse your competition and figure out what they’re doing that you like and dislike and go from there. Identify ways that you could improve on their ideas, figure out a more interesting way to frame an argument about a certain topic or come up with more innovative solutions.



Successful content marketers will always re-visit old content and find ways of re-using old information. Sometimes, content won’t perform as well as you’d hoped – so why not repost it on your social media accounts to boost your CTR’s. Sometimes, you’ll find new information that is relevant to past content, so you can edit it in and re-post that. Other times, you might want to re-purpose information into a new format – eg. turning a blog post into a video or a webinar into a blog post. You just need to be sure that the content you are re-vamping is still relevant and interesting for your audiences, otherwise it’s not worth the effort.



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