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Top 20 Online Fitness Influencers

Top 20 Online Fitness Influencers

Karena and Katrina


Karena and Katrina, are the founders of Tone It Up, one of the most successful online fitness businesses today. They have been published in SELF Magazine, Forbes, Vogue, In Style, and Shape, as well as being featured on Oprah, Ellen, or Extra TV. Jane Fonda has dubbed them The New Faces of Fitness.

Lauryn Evarts


Lauryn Evarts is a fitness influencer & the creative director behind The Skinny Confidential – a site dedicated to health, fitness, and all things female. Since the launch of the brand, it’s evolved into a book, fitness & nutrition eBook, YouTube channel, & App. She’s an avid blogger with a strong online business and social media following.

Carla Birnberg


Carla Birnberg is the founder and CEO of MizFitOnline, a website created ‘in an effort to share health and fitness knowledge with those who might not have access to one-on-one training’. She has been identified as one of ten individuals who exemplify the ability to create a strong personal brand, named as one of Five Favorite Fitness Blogs and voted one of the Top Five Fitness Blogs by Shape Magazine.

Ashley Borden


Ashley Borden is a fitness and lifestyle consultant famed for her work with celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Reese Witherspoon, Mandy Moore and Ryan Gosling. Her tips and techniques have been featured in InStyle, Vogue, Elle, Allure, Shape, Women’s Health. She has been recognised a “Top Body Transformer”, “One of the World’s Top Trainers” and also“Most Influential People in Health and Fitness.”

Kayla Itsines


Known as the Bikini Body Personal Trainer, Kayla Itsines is a  certified fitness trainer from Australia. Her phenomenal online success was brought about from her Bikini Body guides that started as E-books and transformed into an empire. She received Entrepreneur of the Year in 2015. Kayla currently has over 1 million instagram followers.

Bob Harper


Bob Harper one of the most well known fitness influencers, famed for his involvement in hit TV series The Biggest Loser. He has been a trainer on the show for over 10 years. He has also released a workout DVD series and contributes to websites such as Shape Magazine.

Shaun Thompson


Shaun Thompson is a motivational speaker, fitness trainer, fitness influencer, businessman, television personality and choreographer. He is best known for his home fitness programs for adults and children which include T25, Insanity and Hip-Hop Abs.

Faya Nilsson


Faya Nilsson is the founder and CEO of, a Cosmopolitan award-winning blog focussed on motivational health and fitness content, including fitness fashion, healthy recipes, active luxury travel, and workout posts. She has worked as a trainer for 8 years and holds ambassadorships with Adidas, Garnier, and Westin Hotels. She is currently publishing her first book.

Bradley Martyn


Bradley Martyn is an online fitness coach who runs a highly subscribed health and fitness, self-titled YouTube channel. His fitness program is called BMFit.

Bella Falconi


Bella Falconi is a certified Life Coach and Personal Trainer. She has become widely known and respected in the fitness industry after consolidating her career through social media and with her motivational seminars.

Nicole Winhoffer


Nicole Winhoffer is the owner and creator of The NW Method, a workout program that has seen her train Madonna, Mya, Rachel Weisz, Stella McCartney, and Steven Klein. She is one of the most famous fitness influencers in the world and worked as a creative director for a fitness program where she worked with Madonna and was recently announced as the new Global Ambassador of Women’s Training for Adidas by Stella McCartney.

Harley Pasternak


Harley Pasternak is a personal trainer, motivational speaker, author, and TV Host. Pasternak is known for his books The Body Reset Diet and The 5-Factor Diet, along with working as a personal trainer for many celebrity clients such as Jennifer Hudson, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian & Megan Fox.

Julian Michaels


Julian Michaels is a personal trainer, businesswoman, author and television personality from Los Angeles, California. Michaels is best known for her appearances on NBC’s The Biggest Loser and Losing It with Jillian.

Tracy Anderson


Tracy is a multi-platform fitness/wellness entrepreneur and author. She is best known for her Tracy Anderson Method, with its vigorous dance routines that incorporate more than 3000 fitness movements. She’s worked with clients including Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie, Courteney Cox, Shakira, Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ashley Greene, Jennifer Lopez.

Jeanette Jenkins


Jeanette is the founder and President of The Hollywood Trainer and creator of The Hollywood Trainer Club. Jeanette is also an author and creator of the highly successful Bikini Bootcamp, Cardio Kickboxing & Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland. Jeanette is a regular Health & Fitness blogger for The Huffington Post and her work has been featured in, NBC’s Today Show, The Dr. OZ Show, The Doctors, The Tyra Banks Show, and E! Entertainment.

Gunnar Peterson


Gunnar Peterson is a personal trainer, author and speaker and creator of major fitness programs. He is best known for his work with professional athletes and celebrities, such as The Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, and Sofia Vergara. Sports Illustrated has called him a “Fitness influencer” and “The Trainer to the Stars”

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