Top 25 Money Making Subjects to Teach Online

If you plan to sell online videos and teach online courses through a platform like Yondo, there are a number of steps to get started. We cover quite a few of those here on the blog and go in-depth for some of the most profitable subjects, but there are a number of subjects that can be taught online using these tools.

If you're good at what you do, you can make money online!Click To TweetHere are the 25 best subjects to teach online if you plan to monetize your expertise and build a business from this type of content.

1. Fitness and Weight Loss

As a fitness or weight loss coach, there are a number of ways to produce content that is educational for your customers. Multi-session fitness courses, weight loss programs over the course of weeks, large group classes, or one-on-one training programs are all viable ways to make money through fitness and weight loss if you are an expert in this field. You can learn more from our previous post on how to make money online as a fitness coach using Yondo.

2. Arts & Crafts

Because of the sheer number of techniques in the arts and crafts field, there are many ways you could teach this and make money online. Technique-based courses that cover the most important components of things like watercolor painting, sculpting, or drawing, are all highly popular. You can also offer pre-recorded training tutorials for those want to learn on their own time.

3. Entrepreneurship

The process of starting a business is long and arduous. Most people, when starting, look for professional insights in the form of books, case studies, blogs, podcasts, and video training courses. Tutorials and classes that walk prospective entrepreneurs through the process of building their business – from finances to product development and marketing – are incredibly popular.

4. Marketing

Marketing can be broken down into a number of fields – from the data driven side of things to advertising mechanisms on the world’s largest platforms to content development for a company website or social media marketing. Marketing courses, especially online, tend to be time sensitive as well and are effective as large live group classes or seasonally updated video on-demand courses.

5. Yoga

As with the fitness and weight loss courses mentioned above, Yoga can be taught in a number of ways. Because of the nature of yoga and how carefully it needs to be taught, live classes are most popular and many people opt for private one-to-one sessions with an expert to ensure proper technique. This is a good opportunity for experts in the field to earn extra money online.

6. Life Coaching

While most people think of life coaches as one-on-one partners in the success of their clients, they can also offer more in-depth courses on specific topics related to career development, personal wellness, and positive thinking. Larger group courses are also effective in that they allow multiple people to ask questions and grow together as a group.

7. Nutrition and Diet

Nutritional coaching can be done on a one-to-one basis when someone is trying to re-evaluate and build a new diet, or it can be done through specific regimens in the form of tutorials or courses. Training on the different options in a particular diet, how to read labels, and how to build a menu are all very common and popular types of content in this field.

8. Programming

Development and programming are among the most highly sought after types of online courses and they can be quite expensive. If you are an expert in this field, you can teach large scale courses covering any of dozens of programming languages or you can teach a more hands-on course that focuses on how to build apps for a certain platform – such as iOS or Windows.

9. Beauty Tips

Beauty tips are among the most popular YouTube channels and Instagram accounts online, consisting of style choices, makeup, and general personal care tips. Creating more in-depth courses that dive into the ins and outs of building a wardrobe, applying certain types of makeup, or managing skincare make good tutorials while group classes allow you to field questions from different parts of the audience.

10. Languages

Language training courses went digital years ago and have been a popular staple of online training libraries ever since. Offering a unique and engaging take on the process of learning a new language can always be monetized. One-to-one coaching is also a very feasible option for bilingual experts in teaching any language as a second language.

11. Cooking and Baking

There are a number of ways to present cooking and baking materials in a paid environment. You can teach large group courses how to utilize a specific technique or you can create standalone videos for certain dishes and sell them as pay per view content. How much depth you are able to offer in your online courses will depend on your background but even a single video can be effectively monetized due to the demand for this type of content.

12. General Academics

General academic courses have proven to be in high demand online. The cost of higher education makes it so access to lectures and educational materials on topics like history, chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics – whether as a supplement to formal education or as a passing interest – is strong. Perceived value is high here as well so monetizing is relatively easy.

13. Software Use

Our world is filled with powerful software that does amazing things, and so there is a very strong demand for training to use that software. Training courses for Excel, Photoshop, AfterEffects, and other high powered software that offers advancement opportunities at work are in high demand and can be monetized quite effectively.

14. Productivity

There are dozens of productivity systems out there, but there are those constantly looking for an edge who will keep trying new systems and pulling bits and pieces to improve their efficiency. Productivity training and coaching are in high demand and there are few who are qualified to teach it well, so it’s something that the right candidate for can make a good profit from.

15. Design and Photography

Design and photography covers a spectrum of topics from hardware and equipment used for either, to the software and techniques used in post production to finalize a piece before it is published. Design may also include general concepts related to different fields like fashion, web design, print, and marketing.

16. Test Preparation

Test preparation services are a major industry in many countries. Offering online courses that delve into these topics and provide professional insights into key tests for high school and college students is an effective way to make money online. Test preparation should always be handled carefully to avoid wrongfully referencing a test that you are not certified to train for, however.

17. Sales

Sales has changed dramatically for most industries in the last decade because of digital technology. Online training courses that cover the use of this technology and the mindset of the consumer are very powerful and offer opportunities to monetize through courses, webinars, and one-on-one training.

18. Management and Leadership

Management courses are extremely popular both offline and online. These can come in basic formats that cover walkthroughs of the training process for new managers or they can be one-on-one life coaching style consultations in which you work with new managers looking to make their name in the world.

19. Finance and Accounting

Finance and accounting courses can be taught for both personal and business purposes – depending on your background and expertise you can guide students in personal finance management or business owners in preparing their finances for taxes, collecting for sales tax and several other important aspects of managing finances.

20. Real Estate

Every year millions of people prepare to buy or sell a home and tens of thousands more prepare to become a real estate agent and help those people do just that. Depending on your background, you can produce content that guides people through the buying and selling process, how mortgages work, or how the real estate process works in any given state or country.

21. Pet Care & Training

Pet lovers are avid about their pets. From training a young puppy to caring for an aging cat and maintaining the nutrition of any pet, there are countless courses online related to pet care. If you have expertise in this field, you can provide guided walkthroughs of the most important questions people have about how to take care of their pets – including training tips.

22. Travel

Travel content can be produced in a number of formats. Training is always in demand for the act of traveling – finding cheap flights, navigating travel restrictions and documentation, packing, and knowing where to go. Additionally, there are those who want to know more about specific locations and are looking for more interactive training than a guidebook can offer.

23. Music and Video Production

Digital technology makes it possible for anyone in the comfort of their home to produce audio or video on a laptop. This means you can also train them from the comfort of your home or office. Training for the use of music software or equipment is very popular, and video training materials for specific industries always do well because of how few qualified experts there are compared to the number of people with the technology and resources to shoot video.

24. Career Development

Whether someone has recently graduated college and is looking for a job, was recently laid off and needs to revamp their resume, or is stuck in a dead-end job and wants to find something new, there are millions constantly looking for career development advice.

25. Stress Management

Personal development topics in general are in high demand with courses on meditation, general anxiety management, and relaxation offering opportunities to make money online. Group courses on specific forms of stress management, multi-video recorded courses on different aspects of the psychology behind stress, or one-on-one sessions as a coach are all content types you can monetize.


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