Top 5 Analytics Softwares for your Online Business

If you’re an online business that’s serious about driving sales and improving your conversion rates, you need to understand exactly where your business is excelling, where you may be falling short and why this is happening. There are hundreds of online tools you can use to understand your web analytics, but not all of them are always reliable, and not all of them will give you what you’re really looking for. Below, in no order, are a list of the most popular and widely used analytics software available.


Google Analytics


Google Analytics is arguably the most well-known and widely used analytics software today. For many people, the draw to this software is simply that it’s great quality, includes all the necessary analytics features and is 100% free to use – which makes it ideal for small businesses. While the results it can extract may not be as in-depth as other software, it’s great for businesses looking for a cost-effective, base-level report of metrics such as content, e-commerce, traffic sources, goals and achievements.




Kissmetrics is a great tool for tracking your website visitor’s actions on your page. It allows you to see how the actions of visitors change over time, as you develop your website. It also identifies patterns so you can see how people are accessing your page and what is driving the most traffic and much more. One of its more distinctive features is the timeline view that tracks customer’s interactions with your page. Kissmetrics’ analytics are optimized for eCommerce businesses. It’s slightly more expensive than other analytics software, but offers a fairly well-rounded service to make up for it.




Crazy Egg specialises in website optimization. It offers a comprehensive and heavily involved analysis of customer navigation on your site. With this tool, you have access to what they refer to as different x-ray maps. These maps each record data for different things. There’s a Heatmap – which provides you with an image of where people clicked on your site and the areas they left, a Scroll Map – which shows how far down people are actually scrolling and Confetti – where you can see all the clicks you get on your page, segmented by referral sources and search terms etc. In viewing these analytics, you are able to modify and really improve your site to drive sales.


Spring Metrics

Spring Metrics offers a more in-depth service than Google Analytics but still maintains that easy-to-use system that most business owners are looking for. Spring Metrics offer plans starting from $49 a month, which is quite affordable. It gives you useful, relevant and sophisticated information about your business and simplifies it according to your needs. With Spring Metrics, all of your conversion analytics are in real-time, you get a landing page analysis, email performance reports and what’s best – is that you can track a visitors path through your website from start to finish which can tell you a lot about the design and efficacy of your website.




Mint Analytics is another great analytics software with a clean, easy-to-use interface, well-formatted charts and reports and real-time statistics. As with Spring Metrics, you can also track site visitors and view their activity on your page. Perhaps best of all though, is that Mint Analytics also comes at a very appealing price – just a one-off payment of $30.




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