Top 5 Benefits of Recording a Webinar

Webinars are among the most effective marketing and training tools around. They allow you to directly engage with your audience, teaching a large number of people in an intimate, group setting that can be billed as an “event”.

Not only does this increase its value – it builds a stronger relationship with the people who look to you for training or consultation. But there is an equally strong benefit to recording a webinar – capturing the content of your live presentation as a recording that you can offer in your video on demand library.

Let’s take a closer look at 5 of the key benefits when you record webinar presentations and the process for doing so.

1. Attendance Is Often Imperfect – Unless you price your webinar high enough that people would be upset to miss it, there is always a decent number of people who drop off before the webinar starts or midway through. By offering a webinar recording for those individuals, you can engage with them, and make them feel like you are really there to help solve those problems.
2. Avoid Refunds for Non-Attendees – At the same time, if you charge for your webinar and people don’t show up, they may ask for refunds. With a recording, you can send the link to all registered attendees for future access.
3. Offer Your Webinar On Demand – With the video on demand library offered by Yondo you can provide access to your webinar well after you present it for a fee. It can be offered as a one time rental or as part of an ongoing subscription, increasing the value of that single session and allowing you to capture new viewers and customers for future presentations.
4. Use for SEO Purposes – If you choose not to offer your webinar recording on demand, you can put all or part of it on YouTube in the future as a free resource to capture new leads. This content has strong SEO value and also serves to drive traffic to your video library where viewers may signup for and pay for access to full length content or your next webinar.
5. Sharing with Others – After a webinar, the best thing that can happen is that your attendees want to share with others. But it’s hard to share a live event with colleagues. To encourage this kind of word of mouth, offer a recording that can be forwarded or for which paid access can be purchased.

Webinars are a powerful tool to engage with your customers and build a live relationship.Click To Tweet But they have equal value when recorded and shared in other formats.

If you are preparing to record a webinar, be sure to organize and prepare your content well in advance so it can be presented within the set time period, with few interruptions, and in a format that can be cut up into segments if necessary.

If you’re interested in learning how to record a webinar, Yondo offers a detailed walkthrough for our platform’s webinar system here.


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