Top 9 Online Video Gurus

Mastering the fine art of online video production is not an easy feat. But fortunately, it’s not impossible. With immense dedication and tactful skill,  these professionals have transformed themselves into online video gurus.


James Wedmore

James Wedmore is the founder of Video Traffic Academy, an online YouTube Marketing Training Program that has enrolled over 10,000 small business owners and entrepreneurs. He has been featured on numerous sites and guest instructed at several workshops. He currently hosts James Wedmore TV, his YouTube Channel that’s been viewed over 1 Million times.



Kevin Nalts is a YouTube comedian better known under his YouTube username “Nalts.” He is one of the top-20 most-viewed comedy channels, and collaborates with many of today’s top YouTube personalities. Over the years he has produced more than 1000 videos, which have been viewed more than 297 million times on Youtube alone. He is also a published author and expert of viral videos. Nalts has also spoken at marketing conferences and events on the same topic, resulting in him earning a respected reputation in the online video industry.



Jeff Brady
Jeff Brady is more commonly known for his career as an anchor, reporter and broadcast news that spanned almost 20 years. However, since retiring, he has used his media expertise to launch Brady Media Group, a Dallas-based publicity, consulting and digital content development agency that has been highly successful for him and his clients.



Mark R. Robertson

Mark Robertson is the founder and Publisher of ReelSEO, a leading information resource for digital & video marketing where he is known to be an expert in the field. In addition to running Reel SEO, Mark is YouTube Certified in Audience Development and is a web video consultant and video SEO expert and has worked on digital-video initiatives with several major brands.



Tyler Oakley
Tyler Oakley is a YouTube and podcast personality, humorist, author and activist. Oakley began making videos in 2007 and he currently has over 399 videos. His videos collectively have over 535 million views and he also has over 8 million subscribers. He also won the Teen Choice Award for Male Web Star in 2014.



Dan Rayburn

Dan Rayburn is considered to be one of the foremost authorities, speakers, and writers on streaming media technology, content, and business models. An avid blogger, author and analyst, Dan is often referred to as the “voice of the industry” and has been quoted in more than a thousand news items by nearly every major media outlet over the past twenty years such as Dow Jones, Wired, The Washington Post, Forbes, The New York Times and USA Today.



Lou Bortone

Lou Bortone is a video marketing guru and online branding consultant who helps entrepreneurs and service professionals build breakthrough brands. He has over 30 years of experience in the visual and online marketing industries. He has worked as a marketing executive for brands such as Fox, NBC and E!



Christian Payne

Christian Payne specialises in creative technology and communications. He has worked with multimedia creation, social media documenting and amplification. His clients are wide-ranging and varied, including Ikea, CocaCola, P&G, lululemon, The United Nations, BBC, AlJazeera. He blogs as @Documentally & occasionally writes about technology for The Guardian. He also runs workshops focussing on Mobile Storymaking and cover documenting and sharing stories with networked devices.



Stephanie Carls
Stephanie Carls has been referred to as a “Twitter Powerhouse” by The Huffington Post. She is currently a Client Success Manager with Rivet as well as a digital lifestyle enthusiast. Her videos have landed features in The New York Times and NBC News and she has worked with clients such as Cottonelle, Chevrolet and Nike Women.


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