Using Customer Data to Target your Marketing Campaign

When investing in a marketing campaign, the last thing you want to do is go in blind. Guessing when it comes to targeting, budget, and messaging for your marketing efforts can get costly when your guesses don’t work. Fortunately, you likely have a wealth of data in your back pocket that you can use to inform those campaigns and improve their performance.

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Therefore, the customer data from the backend of your video on demand store or ecommerce platform will allow you to make smarter decisions, create better online videos, and improve your marketing efforts across the board. Here are some tips to do just that.

Send Emails to Previous Customers

You can export your customer data list from Yondo and use it to create an email list specifically filled with former customers. This could include those who purchased pay per view access to a video and then never returned or those who had a subscription but then turned it off.

With this list, you can send follow up emails reminding people of the content you offer, sharing the newest content in your library with them, or providing a discount if they choose to return. If you have an email automation platform these emails can be loaded into that tool so you can send followups on a regular basis to former customers.

Improve Social Media Targeting

Social media is an important part of your marketing efforts. It allows you to interact with people on an individual basis, but also to target them based on their activities, demographics, location, and several other data points.

Utilizing the data available in your customer data files, you can upload lists to Facebook’s advertising platform or names of companies into your Twitter or LinkedIn advertising platforms and use them to inform the types of ads you create. Facebook in particular has a very robust toolset for creating lists and targeting people based on the activity they’ve performed on your website.

Determine the Best Content to Offer for Free

Through your customer data you’ll be able to see which content you sell is the most popular, and which types of people are most likely to download that content. This information is gold. It allows you to see the most effective angles you can take in developing content for your free marketing platforms – YouTube, SlideShare, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.

If you create free online videos and distribute them as lead generation tools that can drive traffic back to your video library or eCommerce store, then knowing what type of content people are most likely to buy will allow you to create better free content – stuff that will do a better job of targeting and attracting ideal customers.

Develop KPIs and Followups to Refine Your Efforts

Because you know what your customers are accessing you can watch the development of your existing marketing efforts to see if what you are implementing is working as expected. This allows you to avoid the dreaded state in which you are guessing when to start and stop your campaigns, and whether you are actually making a return on your investment on paid advertising platforms.

Review your data regularly and develop KPIs so you know what to expect from your efforts. This will then allow you to refine your efforts and better set expectations for your marketing efforts. You can then set reviews on a regular basis – every month for example – during which you review data to see if it is improving, declining, or staying the same.

Using Customer Targeted Marketing to Grow Your Company

Remarketing allows you to get in front of the right people in almost any location online, a much more targeted investment than broad advertising to people across a spectrum of online tools like Google AdWords or Facebook. Combined with a content-filled video on demand library and your exported customer list, you can do wonders using these tools.


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