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What is Zoom For Healthcare and How Does It Work?

What is Zoom Telehealth and How Does It Work?

Telehealth has long had many notable attributes. These attributes include reduced employee travel, the ability to provide timely consultations to patients, and numerous other benefits. With more and more people turning to telehealth in an increasingly technology-oriented world, you might be wondering which platform is the right fit to accommodate virtual healthcare needs. 

It is no secret that Zoom has risen to the top of the video conference rankings when it comes to education and teaching. However, you may not know that Zoom telehealth was actually introduced in 2020 with the goal of providing a secure, virtual environment for professionals in countless different medical fields.

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In this article, we’ll dive into what Zoom telehealth has to offer for your healthcare practice’s needs. We’ll also discuss an alternative platform, Yondo, and how it compares to Zoom in terms of offering telehealth services. 

Zoom For Healthcare

Zoom is a cloud-based video platform that allows you to store and offer videos in a reliable manner. Being a widely-used platform around the world, Zoom has developed its platform to suit any type of customer. Let’s check out some of Zoom’s most valued features that make it a popular choice among telehealth professionals.

Enhanced Collaboration Features

In its newly developed telehealth software, Zoom has paid special attention to making its program run as smoothly as possible for doctors, therapists, physical therapists, and other medical experts.

One of the key features that have allowed Zoom to provide an easy-flowing experience is its enhanced collaboration details. This advanced solution allows for medical experts to easily collaborate with other specialists in their industry whether it means sharing data, getting a prescription filled, or any other necessity. Impressively, all of this can be done without needing to download third-party software or application.

Using Zoom, telehealth experts can also annotate directly onto a shared screen. This enables notations to be visible to all video attendees, resulting in quick and easy appointments. Being able to share information in a fast-paced environment has always been a necessity in the healthcare industry, and Zoom does well to make sure that its software can keep up with this demand in a virtual setting.

Medical Device Integrations

In addition to enhanced collaboration features, Zoom has developed multiple medical device integrations. These integrations allow for an ideal transition from the traditional setting of an in-person doctor’s office to a virtual clinic. An example of these integration services includes virtual far-end camera control that allows you to zoom in and out on patients in order to easily observe any medical issues the patient may be having. Zoom also offers digital stethoscopes and access to patient health records within a Zoom meeting.

By providing unique healthcare features that make for a smoother virtual experience, Zoom has shown its commitment to doctors and medical experts. Zoom’s software has also provided them with a very useful way of presenting accurate diagnoses across many healthcare organizations. 

HD Video and Audio

In high stake circumstances, quality video and audio conferencing are needed in order for a medical professional to diagnose a patient as soon as possible. Zoom has been able to adopt consistent, high-quality video software that works even in low bandwidth environments.

In the world of COVID-19, Zoom’s quality video conferencing program has become even more popular and relevant as doctors have been able to carefully observe COVID symptoms in patients and outline a course of action for the sick individual. With the Zoom telehealth format, there is no need for a patient to leave their home in order to receive non-emergency medical help. 

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Patient Privacy

Along with Zoom’s HIPAA compliance status and PIPEDA/PHIPA encryption technology, Zoom has been able to protect patients’ data while at the same time providing a smooth platform for consultants. Zoom also offers waiting rooms, which allows a doctor to schedule back-to-back appointments without fearing that someone will interrupt an occurring consultation. This also gives the patient more peace of mind because they know their medical information will be kept solely between them and their doctor.

Lastly, Zoom’s platform can be set up to integrate with important healthcare applications such as Epic, Strmr, IntakeQ, and Practice Better. This further demonstrates Zoom’s commitment to the patient’s privacy and wellbeing as well as protected health as a whole. 

Yondo For Healthcare

Now that we have a good sense of what Zoom has to offer, let’s discuss our online platform called Yondo. Yondo is an all-in-one solution that allows you to easily sell videos online. While Zoom and Yondo may seem similar on the surface, Yondo offers a number of extra features that separate the software from its video conference competitors. 

Seamless Online Consultations

To start off on these features, let’s take a look at how Yondo makes it simple to manage online video sessions. 

Although both Zoom and Yondo provide live conferencing services, here at Yondo, we allow our customers to have full control over their practice. While Zoom grants its users the ability to hold live 1-to-1 and group sessions, we offer an easy-to-use booking calendar to manage clients. 

This way, our customers will be able to sign up for meetings according to the medical expert’s availability. It will also give them the opportunity to sync their Yondo session calendar with any other personal or work-related schedules they may have.

Additionally, the Yondo analytics dashboard permits the ability to track real-time event statistics, follow up with customers using their contact information, and make other key adjustments to increase the overall quality and demand of videos. Even if one is too busy during the day to offer live 1-to-1 sessions and/or group sessions, they can still easily keep their healthcare practice active online with Yondo.

Yondo offers a video-on-demand library that has the capability to store courses and webinars for an audience to view anytime and in any location. Similar to the live sessions, these stored videos can be incredibly valuable for a healthcare practice as they enable a medical professional to serve their customer’s needs in a timely and adaptable manner with the convenience of a virtual platform. 

Your Branding On Your Domain

Now, you may be wondering why prospective customers should go through all the effort to switch their entire practice over to our software. The answer is simple – they don’t have to. The Yondo platform can be directly integrated onto a self-owned website so that it is simple to offer these videos and webinars from a clinic’s own name and branding.

Alternatively, if a customer is just getting started with their online healthcare practice and doesn’t have a website set up just yet, they are more than welcome to create their own landing page on Yondo to attract prospective customers. Yondo comes with unique pre-built designs for your store and makes it easy to set up an aesthetically pleasing landing page. We are constantly adding new designs, so it is important to keep a lookout for new updates.

Of course, the user can always choose to add their own design, if they already have one made.

E-commerce Platform

Perhaps the most important distinction between us and Zoom is that Yondo is an e-commerce platform that enables its users to monetize their online healthcare practice. By integrating Yondo’s software with Stripe and PayPal, we have given our users the option to choose the monetization method that is the best fit for them. These monetization options include monthly subscriptions, one-time purchases, and pay-per-view rentals. Customers are also able to offer their videos, courses, and consultations for free if that is their preferred outreach method.

Further, in such a competitive market, it is more important than ever before to have an adaptable online presence. Along with other user-friendly resources, we provide many ways to successfully market a healthcare brand online. Yondo’s all-in-one solution not only allows for a brand to be put out onto the web in an effective manner but more importantly enables the domain to have that professional, sleek look that attracts customers from all over the world. 

Stress-Free Setup

Although some may not mind having to download a separate application for Zoom, Yondo’s web-based e-commerce system makes it easy to maintain a business. We host all of our customers’ stores, so there is no need to worry about downloading any updates, solving bugs, or updating any extra software. This web-based solution allows the medical expert to focus solely on making money with their online clinic as opposed to having to stress about external issues.

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Making The Choice

Overall, it is evident that both Zoom and Yondo place tremendous value on providing a high-quality, smooth experience for their users. From Zoom’s medical device integrations to Yondo’s individualized branding, there are many benefits to using each program.

However, Yondo’s e-commerce platform allows it to really differentiate itself from more traditional video conference platforms like Zoom. With Yondo, small practices and businesses (and even large clinics that are looking to add a bit more to their incomes) can make their own money on their own time. Notably, they don’t have to worry about adapting an additional method of payment on a separate system.

Having the ability to not only take a healthcare practice online but also to make money with it is a vital attribute to success. This is why Yondo just may be the perfect all-in-one solution for healthcare professionals all over the world.

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