Why YouTube Is Not Your Ally If You Are Serious About ROI

Video is a great way to reach your target audience and express thoughts too complex for a blog post or article. However, finding a suitable place to host and show your videos is essential; not only do you need to ensure they are seen by the right people, but also that once viewed, they encourage individuals to take a desired course of action. Ideally, that would be to return to your website and further investigate or purchase your goods or services.

One Video among Many

Since its inception, YouTube has been the home of everything from dancing cats and music to tutorials on subjects ranging between talking to animals and retiling your roof. Serious attempts to educate and inform, to reach customers, and to meet their needs can be found among the fun and entertainment, but how do you ensure that your video is the one found among the thousands uploaded on a daily basis?

Quality Counts

Being found is only part of the problem. Once found, your video needs to be viewed, and you have a limited time frame in which to convince your viewer the video is worth watching. It doesn’t matter how well put together it is or if the host site is slow, using a poor resolution or experiencing difficulties, it will reflect on your video, and ultimately, on your business’ performance.

People, Positioning, and Profit

Feedback on your videos is also crucial to your business. Not only does it tell you what the viewer thought of the video, but it gives an indication of how well your business has been perceived. The problem with YouTube feedback is that the information is limited: Yes, you can see the number of views, comments, likes and dislikes, but you are limited in the ways you can use and follow up on this information. You could, of course, take part in any discussions, but do you want to risk having your business dragged through an open discussion on a site you have little control over? Alternatively, you can encourage viewers to return to your site and encourage the feedback to take place there, but only a limited number of viewers are likely to take this action.

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The Way Forward

YouTube has provided an undeniable service for the video world, but it is time to move forward if your business is serious about ROI.Click To Tweet. The answer to any of these problems is usually to host your videos on your own domain. You can achieve this with no coding knowledge and little in the way of start-up costs using Yondo. Hosting your videos using web-based software also means you can diversify your offerings. Rather than simply offering a range of free-to-view videos, you can add a subscription level, live-streamed sessions, and recorded consultations. All of these new diversifications not only increase your reach, but also allow you to make a direct return on your investment. Yondo’s platform provides a combination of features including video rentals and subscriptions, that will allow you to be rewarded for your efforts.


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