ActiveCampaign Integration Announcement

ActiveCampaign and Yondo’s Partner With a New Integration  

Announcing ActiveCampaign and Yondo’s New Integration  

Marketing to your online business can be difficult to carry out. How, when, and why should you send emails, and to which customers? And who wants to deal with manual processes anymore? With Yondo and the help of their new ActiveCampaign integration, you can automate emails, texts, and so much more. The integration helps you market your online video, live 1-to-1 sessions, and online group classes directly to your customers. 

Yondo’s new ActiveCampaign integration allows you to create marketing automations based on content that your customers purchase.  You can segment your audience to make sure that the appropriate customers receive only content that is useful to them. Whether your customers subscribe to your online videos or sign up for online consulting sessions, this new ActiveCampaign integration will make marketing your Yondo offerings easier and more efficient

Why Yondo?

With web presence becoming such an important aspect of a business today, many companies are turning to Yondo to expand the services they can provide online and increase their availability and revenue. 

Yondo Features

Yondo is an all-in-one video business platform that allows you to create your own branded eCommerce store to sell your content, knowledge, and expertise. Publish and sell videos, webinars, online group classes, and consultations from one platform with secure payments and automated reminders.  Yondo has plenty of marketing integrations that will ensure your business is set up to succeed. And when you combine Yondo and ActiveCampaign you have access to some of the most powerful e-commerce automation available.

With an easy-to-use scheduling calendar, you’ll never have to worry about sending an email or making a phone call to try and arrange a time to meet. Customers can simply select a time that you have made available from your calendar and instantly book a Live 1-to-1 Session with you. The Yondo platform has its own secure and reliable browser-based video calling functionality for groups or 1-to-1 live sessions.  That means there is no need to download any separate apps to meet with customers. No more patchwork solutions! 

You can also sell videos, playlists, and courses from your own website or through professionally designed templates that are included with every plan.  Sell your content as rentals and one-off purchases, or create your own little Netflix by selling your videos as monthly subscriptions.

Who’s using Yondo

Yondo has made online services easy to implement and has helped countless businesses in nearly every industry. Marissa Cranfill, the founder of Yoqi, a fitness and wellness company focused on teaching a combination of tai chi and yoga,  has seen amazing results using Yondo. Since adding Yondo to her business, she has seen a growth of over 4000%. 

“Yondo Offers so many wonderful things that I was looking for. I still haven’t found anything that compares with Yondo because I’m moving into other forms of media like online training programs, Live1-to-1, and webinars.  All these things that Yondo offers in one complete platform. And also the ability to customize the template to match my website is really cool.” 

How Yondo & ActiveCampaign Work Together

This new integration works to simplify the process of syncing customer information from your Yondo account to your ActiveCampaign Contacts.  This allows you to make the most of your email lists and marketing automation. All you need to do is find Yondo in the Apps section of your ActiveCampaign account and connect your Yondo subdomain.

You’ll be able to select the type of events and fields that you want to share across platforms. There are two options for events that you can map through Yondo Events: 

  • Customer Created events will send information from Yondo to your ActiveCampaign account after a customer has created a profile or made their first purchase to your store. This event only occurs the first time a customer profile is created.
  • Order Success events will send information from Yondo to your ActiveCampaign account after a customer has successfully made a purchase. This event will occur every time a customer purchases from your store. It will update the information that exists within your customer profile’s Contact record. 

These two events allow you to ensure that your Contacts’ information is always correct and properly segmented,  as contacts will generally be created upon their first purchase and updated on each purchase thereafter. 

Mapping your fields

Next, just map the types of fields you’d like to update within ActiveCampaign to make it easy to track sales, trigger automation, and segment your customers. Yondo and ActiveCampaign work together to increase your ability to target your marketing more accurately and increase your sales. 

You’ll save heaps of time sending targeted emails to customers and prospects with information that is relevant to them. This can be anything from product updates, like new online videos that you have made available, to a more personalized message when you have a first-time customer. 

Connect Yondo with ActiveCampaign 

There are so many possibilities you can take advantage of when you connect Yondo with ActiveCampaign. You’ll always know the right way to reach out to your clients. Whether you’re instantly creating customer profiles in ActiveCampaign or tagging customers with each type of product that they’ve purchased from your online store.

The integration also allows you to create ActiveCampaign email lists with your customers based on their Yondo purchase history. You can segment them based on whether they’ve subscribed to your Video Store or if they’ve attended one of your Online Group Classes. This makes it so much easier to let your customers know exactly when there are new products available that are important to them. 

Send Emails with Your Own Style

While Yondo sends basic automatic confirmation and reminder emails any time a session is booked, you may want to add a personal touch to your outreach. That’s where ActiveCampaign comes in. Automate emails to effectively target your customers with personalized notes and maximize your sales with upsells and promotions. 

For example, let’s say a customer rents one of your videos from your online store. This is the perfect opportunity to try and get them to subscribe to your video content. And now with Yondo’s ActiveCampaign integration, you can handle this automatically with a beautiful email. 

Another great way to maximize your tools is to set up notifications for your team whenever you have a new purchase made in your Yondo store. Your team will always know when to reach out to your customers with these notifications.  Welcome them and confirm appointment times or prerequisites for your Yondo sessions with style. 

automate your marketing emails with ActiveCampaign

Now that you’ve read through what this new integration has to offer, how do you get started? Yondo and ActiveCampaign have put together a number of great automation recipes for you to use to get the most out of both platforms! Make the best of your emailing list for your business and connect Yondo with ActiveCampaign today!  

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