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Yondo Business Spotlight – Thornbury Veterinary Hospital

Ashleigh Long and Siena Capp are the owners and operators of Thornbury Veterinary Hospital, located in Melbourne, Australia. With an amazing team of vets and nurses and over 40 years of experience in small animal medicine between Dr. Long and Dr. Capp, the hospital has been able to offer a huge range of services to assist pets and pet owners. From general health advice to surgeries, no task is too big. They even offer veterinary telehealth consults to make it easier for their patients to book.

Thornbury Veterinary Hospital’s Story

Thornbury Veterniary Hospital partners with Yondo

“We opened our vet clinic eight and a half years ago as a startup clinic. There was a lot of corporatization in the industry and we decided that, while I think there are good things at corporate clinics as far as equipment and so forth, for us, it wasn’t the direction that we wanted to go down. We wanted a real family-based practice.


“We see domestic animals. So dogs, cats,  and chickens, guinea pigs, any pets that you will find in a city area. Our day-to-day work is really varied. So there’s preventive care, vaccinations, general health advice, Vomiting, Diarrhea in pets, sores, Skin conditions, Behavioral concerns… Pretty much everything that you need to do to look after your little fur baby.”


With utmost importance put on the bond between humans and animals, Thornbury Veterinary Hospital knows how much a pet’s health can affect the relationship between pets and owners.

“It’s really the relationships I’ve built with some of my clients and knowing that I’m really making sort of a difference. Helping them by giving their pet a better quality of life.  Helping with the bond owners have with their pet is really, really important. Illness or behavioral problems, in particular, can really affect that human-animal bond. So if I’m able to work with an owner and a pet to really enhance that, then that’s what I really love to do.”

Sharing Their Knowledge

Thornbury Veterniary Telehealth Solution

Another fantastic part of being a veterinarian for these doctors has been sharing their experience with the next generation of veterinarians.

“We’ve had a couple of students that have been wanting to get into veterinary science, that have come to work for us in a nursing capacity. And through that, we’ve been through the process of them getting enrolled at Melbourne University.”

“We have also been mentoring recently graduated vets in how to do procedures. How to talk to clients, how to deal with conflict or confrontation, how to approach medical cases, and so forth. So that’s been a whole area that I’ve started to do a lot more in and really find that I love doing that side of it, too”

Searching for a Veterinary Telehealth Platform

Dr. Long and Dr. Capp were looking for a way to be more accessible to their clients and to differentiate Thornbury Veterinary Hospital from their competitors by offering veterinary telehealth consults.

“We wanted to find a way to make that easier for our clients to reduce the stress for them. That also enabled us a little bit of freedom to be able to offer that support and not have to physically be in the clinic at the time to do that.”

Thornbury started looking for online solutions that would give them a platform that would allow them to connect with their customers via veterinary telehealth chats, take care of scheduling appointments around their availability, and handle the payment for the online telehealth session.

“When we started looking, we would talk about online consults and how we’re going to get that all set up. I wanted something that served our clients in particular. There are other Veterinary companies that give general advice, but we wanted to give advice that was more specific to our clients. So we wanted more of a direct telemedicine platform. We just Googled to see what was around, tried to have a look at other platforms that other places were using.”

Finding Yondo

Thornbury Veterinary Telehealth

Dr. Long came across Yondo, which piqued her interest as a potential option to handle all of their needs in a single platform. They then went through Yondo’s 14-day free trial and after having a chance to test the platform’s reliability and support capabilities as a platform, Thornbury Veterinary Hospital made the decision to establish Yondo as their veterinary telehealth platform.

“Yondo really helped us to continue to see and support our clients. It’s also helped us out, as our clinic had been extremely busy during the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve increased our consult times to deal with how much longer it takes for a client to come out to the clinic. Which means lots of times we don’t have appointments available in the clinic. Rather than tell a client that I don’t have an appointment, we can give them the option to meet online now that we’ve got telemedicine consults available. 

If your pet needs to come in, we can do triage. If it needs medication, or if we need blood tests or anything done, we can organize to get you into the clinic. Having that sort of backup within the clinics has been a massive support.“

How Yondo Has Improved Thornbury’s Business

Adding veterinary telehealth options to their services has helped Thornbury Vets be more accessible to their patients. Holding online consultations has made not only made it much easier to meet with pets and pet parents. It also has helped to relieve stress for animals and owners alike by allowing them to chat in their own environments.

“We have cats that are super nervous coming into the clinic and for us to be able to offer our services in a remote way. We can see a pet in their own environment and see what their behaviors are or even be able to do a visual exam. This is a massive relief to not only the pet but also the owner, who doesn’t want to be chasing the cat under the bed every time they want to come to the clinic. The owners have a degree of anxiety if they have to shove their cat into a cat crate every time. Then if they’ve got to wait in a waiting room where there might be a dog barking next door, and that stuff isn’t fun.” 

“Going online enabled us to be more accessible to our clients and allow us to work from home, which during the Covid-19 Pandemic, was amazing to have that opportunity to give support from home.”

Thornbury Veterinary Hospital was able to see a jump in the numbers of patients they could see in a given day which meant more healthy animals and more happy pet owners.

“You know, at times we’ve had eight or nine extra consults to do a day. And these are people that we would have had to turn away and wouldn’t have been able to help. For us, that’s certainly a service that our competitors or the other clinics around us don’t offer.” 

Want to know more?!

If you’re interested in finding out more about Thornbury Veterinary Hospital, or are looking for veterinary services in Melbourne, Australia,  visit their website at for more information.

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