The Yondo Guide for Business Consultants

As a business consultant, you want to showcase what makes your expertise different – how you can help people address their most fundamental problems.

What skills and insights do you have that are different from others in your field? To establish this expertise and grow your brand, you need a platform that allows you to be beside key decision makers as they address the problems of their company – from wherever you happen to be.

That’s what Yondo aims to be for business consultants and others in the consulting space. In this guide we are going to talk about how Yondo can be used to establish a powerful consulting and video e-Commerce platform for your business consulting activity, and specifically how it can help you

grow your brand regardless of locationClick To Tweet into one synonymous with expertise in your field.

As a key piece in the platform you are building, Yondo offers a number of benefits, including the following:

  1. Webinars – Hold webinars unlimited with up to 1000 attendees.
  2. Live Online1-to-1 Consultations – Organize live 1-to-1 online consultation sessions, complete with screen and document sharing.
  3. Video On Demand Sell pre-recorded video on demand via monthly subscriptions and timed pay-per-view rentals.
  4. Payment Gateway – There is a built-in payment gateway in the Yondo platform. All you need to do to start collecting payments for access to your video libraries or consulting hours is connect a Stripe account.
  5. Branding – You can upload your own branding elements, set your own custom domain or use a free subdomain from Yondo.
  6. Booking Calendar – The internationally-mapped calendar allows you to easily book live 1-to-1 consulting sessions, eliminating the need for a PA to organize your schedule.
  7. Flexible Communication – You can provide live 1-to-1, personalized consultations to your customers via live video or phone, allowing you to customize based on the needs of your clients. With click to connect options for both phone and video communications, it’s easier than ever before to meet with your customers.
  8. CRM Integration – Yondo offers integration options with third party CRM platforms to allow better management of your contacts and invites for webinars.
  9. Team Support – You can use Yondo by yourself, or you can invite collaborators as team members. This allows consultants to quickly grow their businesses with new team members and offerings over time.
  10. Central Dashboard for Management – It’s easy to manage all of the above, using Yondo’s Store Management Interface that gives you easy access to all the tools you need.
  11. Full Control of Your Content – You control the type of content you provide, you set your pricing and keep 100% of your revenue.

Our goal is to provide a platform that enables you to build a successful business and that doesn’t dictate to you how to do so. By putting the technology needed to create your store and offer consulting services online at your fingert

1. Personalize Your Store

One of the features that sets Yondo apart is the high level of customization allowed in the backend. From the moment you login, you can change a number of settings and design options to display the store exactly as you want.

To start, there is the Store Settings menu. In this menu you can configure the layout and setup for your store to match the needs of your content and clients. On this page you will update company and personal information, describe the activity that you offer, showcase your experience with a detailed portfolio, and upload all of your company’s branding elements.

These branding elements are very important because they will be used not only in your store, but in emails and live calls with clients – allowing you to present a single, consistently branded platform for your services online. Here’s a look at what is available in this menu:

ips, we want to make the process as easy as possible. Next let’s look at the Store Management platform and how it can be used to get your business consulting services off the ground.

store settings 1

store settings 2

store settings 3

As part of the setup process, there are two important decisions you’ll need to make – the template for how your content will be displayed and the domain name settings.

2. Choose a Template for Your Store

While your personally branded logo and other information will appear in all of your content, you can go one step further by using one of the templates in Yondo’s platform to match your company’s brand colours. There are templates for both live sessions & video on demand, and those for just video on demand display. The different templates allow you to customize how content is displayed based on the type you will be producing.

If you are preparing to choose a template, you can read our step by step guide for implementing and setting up a Yondo template in our Support Portal.template

3. Set Up a Domain Alias

By default, you can create a subdomain for your Yondo store or live video dashboard on our domain ( For those that want to further customize their store, however, you can use your own domain or a custom domain of your choosing.

To do this, you will need to connect Yondo to your Domain Registrar via DNS, creating a redirect for your domain to the Yondo platform.


We offer a detailed walkthrough for how to configure your general domain settings and how to connect your domain, depending on your domain registration provider.

4. Make Money from Your Yondo Store

Once you have completed step one and setup your store, you can start accepting credit card payments almost immediately. With the built-in payment gateway in Yondo, all you need to do is connect a Stripe account and you’ll be able to set prices and accept payments to access your content. Here is how to do this.

payment gateway

Once your gateway is setup, here is a brief preview of what the checkout process looks like. The cart is visually clean and makes it very clear for clients what they are purchasing as you can see below:


Users will be asked to create an account or provide contact information during checkout, though for those who already have accounts, the process is very quick and makes upgrades and purchasing new access much simpler.


Because of how easy Yondo makes accepting payments for your consulting services, you can start making money online with your services or existing videos almost immediately after setup.

5. Set Your Availability and Add Live 1 to 1 Consultations

Yondo offers a number of different ways for you to deliver content to your customers and clients. The first of these is vital for all business consultants because it allows you to accept bookings for live 1-to-1 consultations through live online video or over the phone.

We know that this is a crucial part of any business consultant’s activity, so we set up a comprehensive system that enables you to seamlessly book and organize consultations.

The integrated calendar tool is internationally mapped, which means that both you and your customers see your local time. The only thing you’ll need to do is set your availability in the master calendar and your clients can set their own bookings when you are shown as free. You can sync Yondo to Google Calendar as well, for a more seamless scheduling experience.

See our documentation for more detailed instructions on how to setup your calendar in Yondo and sync it with Google.


Another step we’ve taken to streamline the booking process is the development of email and website widgets. These widgets allow you to embed code in your email signature or on your website so that clients or prospects can click and book directly. This eliminates the need for a personal assistant or member of your team to take bookings – the clients can do it themselves through these widgets.

9 - email booking widget

Read more about how to setup a “Book Now” widget for your website here or how to create an email booking link.

booking widgetbooking widget

In addition to the booking widgets, Yondo creates custom landing pages for each of your consultation listings. This allows you to easily promote these listings via social media, your blog, or a paid advertising campaign you are using to market your services.

consulting landing page

What makes the custom landing pages so powerful are features like the “Book Now” button which is added to the 1:1 listing pages and allows your customers to instantly book a session with you.

Additionally, consultants can select to send a URL to their client or a custom landing page which is a perfect fit for demos. The reason this is so powerful is that not all consultations will originate online:

13 - join meeting

If a meeting starts on the phone, you could send them a custom URL like the one above and have them enter their name or a code you provide and they will be automatically added to a video call for screen sharing. Here is our help guide on how to use the available methods of joining a meeting.

6. Create and Promote Webinars

The second type of content that business consultants can create and promote with the Yondo platform is webinars. The platform supports webinars with up to 1,000 attendees, allowing for highly organized, worldwide events through your portal.

This is more than just a live video broadcast system. Yondo is designed with features such as webinar host, presenter and attendee roles to make setting up and running a webinar as easy as possible. The chat feature enables your attendees to communicate with each other and you throughout an event as well, boosting engagement.


You can read more about how to setup a webinar in Yondo here or you can learn about the process of organizing a webinar both before and after the event here.

Much like the live consultation options, webinars allow you to create custom landing pages for each webinar date so they can be promoted to prospects independently.

webinar landing page vonsulting

You can choose to record each webinar as well, allowing you to take that same content and offer it in the future as a piece of on demand video in your Yondo Store.


This is a great way to generate additional revenue and provide webinar content to the customers who did not attend your webinar. Here is how this works.

7. Offer Video on Demand

The third type of content is possibly the most exciting because it opens new doors for a business consultant to start generating additional passive income. Historically, the majority of your income comes from your own time – you spend time talking with a client and they pay an hourly rate.

With video on demand, you can record content that solves similar problems to those you address as a consultant and then sell access to those videos through subscription or one time rental.

Yondo’s Video on Demand features enable you to literally create a video store where your customers can purchase your video content. This is great for how-to series, business coaching, or top-to-bottom courses on different aspects of the specific problems you address as a business consultant.

Your customers can either rent your videos for a limited amount of time – a period you can set in the system settings – or they can choose a monthly subscription and receive permanent access to your library for as long as they are a member.

video on demand store consulting

For each video you can upload custom video thumbnails, set a preview video and write a detailed written description showcasing what will be covered in those videos. Additionally, you will have both a video library landing page and individual landing pages for each video that can be used as part of your marketing efforts to drive traffic to the library.

More than anything else Yondo offers, a video on demand library will allow you to grow your business and start generating new, passive revenue from your expertise. The opportunities are limitless with this functionality.

8. Create Discount Codes

One of the most effective ways to drive early and frequent adoption for a video library, subscription service, or consultations is with discount codes. With Yondo you can create custom discount codes, set the percentage by which you want to reduce the price and the timeframe for which the code will be good along with how often it can be redeemed.


Read our step by step guide for detailed instructions on creating and implementing discount codes for your Yondo store.

9. Add Custom Checkout Fields

One of the more powerful backend features of Yondo is the ability to create custom fields for your checkout page. This allows you to gather custom information based on the specific transaction being made.

If you need specific information about a customer’s experience, the problems they want to discuss, or what other consultations they have sought on the same topic, you can create custom fields to gather that information – all of which will be stored in your Yondo customer database.


You can choose from a variety of fields such as: text, paragraph, number, dropdown list, radio buttons or checkboxes. All of the information you gather through these fields is then accessible in your customer data section, editable and exportable to a .csv file.  The fields can be set up by following our help guide.


The customization this provides is perfect for business consultants who work with high profile clients or who work across a number of different industries.

10. View Your Customer Data

Every customer who makes a purchase in your Yondo store is recorded in a central database. You can access and pull this list at any time to see the information users have provided during checkout, the amount of their purchase(s), their previous live 1:1 session bookings, video rentals and subscriptions.

edit customer 1

edit vustomer 2

Your customer data is accessible through Yondo’s Store Management interface and can be exported to .csv format for further reporting on marketing use. This is how you can view our customer information.

11. View Your Revenue Reports

In addition to detailed customer data, you can also access a breakdown of all purchases and revenue generated through your Yondo store. This allows you to organize by transactions as well as the Live 1-to-1 bookings, webinar seats purchased, and video on demand rentals and subscriptions

The revenue information stored in Yondo is always available through the Store Management interface in the Revenue menu located on the left side of the screen as shown above.

12. Add Custom Pages

While the customization options in Yondo are substantial, you can go a step further by building your own custom pages, placing HTML content into your Yondo store from an external source or your development team.

It’s easy to copy and paste your code into the Yondo Store Management interface and activate it on your site as shown below:

23 - custom page

Your store will then make it available for your store visitors. This feature is important if you want to create additional content or resources for your clients within the same interface as the rest of your videos and store items without requiring customers to leave the store.

Read our guide to find out how to add custom pages.

13. Integrate with Your CRM or Marketing Software

Yondo integrates with several CRM and email marketing tools, allowing you to register webinar attendees and store them in your database. The integration is usually done by using your CRM/marketing tool’s HTML form features. This is an important feature for those that typically manage outreach, contact, and webinar signups and followups directly through their CRM or marketing automation software.\

We are constantly working on developing integrations with even more tools. You can always check our support portal’s “Third Party Integration” section for updated information on the tools we integrate with. This page is updated frequently with new integrations we are working on or partnering with other companies to bring to our customers.

14. Add Single Sign-On (SSO)

Through Single Sign-On you can streamline the experience of using your website and the Yondo Store in conjunction with one another. Single Sign-On allows your customers to automatically log into your Yondo store if they have already logged into an external site.


For example, if a customer first visits your main website and logs in, when accessing your Yondo store, the system will recognize that they are already logged into your website and allow them in without a secondary login – creating a more seamless transition between properties. Here is how you can add this feature to your store.

15. Market Your Site

The feature set of Yondo is designed to provide a comprehensive platform for developing an online store for video content, live 1-to-1 consultations and webinars. But the platform alone isn’t enough – you need to market those offerings and Yondo integrates a number of important features to make marketing your services even easier. They include:

  • Booking Calendar App – Designed with both email and website integration, our booking calendar app allows customers to make bookings from within the store, an automated email you send to them, or your website, streamlining and eliminating barriers to booking time with you.
  • Individual Landing Pages – For all product types you will have a custom landing page, both at the library level and individual video or consultation level. This allows you to better target your marketing efforts and drive traffic to the offering that best matches their needs.
  • Third Party Webinar Registration Integration – By integrating with third party CRM and marketing automation software tools, we enable your existing customers and contacts to register for webinars more easily. See our existing integrations and stay updated with our blog and support portal for more upcoming guides!

With these features you are able to more easily market your Yondo store and expand your consulting business as it grows into new markets and new offerings. By eliminating so much of the technical requirements behind running an online business consulting service, Yondo allows you to focus first and foremost on your expertise, providing great content and advice to your customers and prospects alike.

To go beyond this guide for business consultants and learn more about how Yondo can enable your consultancy to grow and generate new business in a number of exciting ways, follow our blog. There you will find frequent tips on creating new content, managing your store, and marketing yourself and your business to be more profitable.

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