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Jake Hudson is the CTO of Entrepreneur Media, a premier magazine and publishing company that focuses on providing insights and news to entrepreneurs, managers, and business owners. Looking for a new way to interact with their customers and provide even more resources to their audience, Entrepreneur partnered with Yondo to launch their Ask An Expert service. This expert marketplace provides inside access to several brilliant business professionals who are experts in many areas including marketing, social media, strategic management, and much much more.

Entrepreneur Media’s Story

Entrepreneur Magazine began in 1977 and publishes 10 magazine editions each year featuring fantastic articles to help business owners and renowned rankings such as the Franchise 500 and 35 Under 35. They were also one of the first publishing companies to enter the online space,  starting Entrepreneur.com in 1996.  As a leader in the industry, they offer a myriad of products including books, courses, podcasts, as well as online consultations via Yondo.

“Most notably known for Entrepreneur magazine, the magazine publication. You know, besides, obviously, publishing content is our primary product, if you will. We produce a myriad of other products on top of that. We have a whole books division, we’re producing courses, and lately some of our initiatives have revolved around extending what our content does as far as being informative.

Going past the just “Here’s the content”, to leveraging companies like Yondo to help kind of connect the person with an actual expert, so they can start to leverage additional resources to get answers that they need in order to accomplish their goals.”

Innovation in the Industry

Entrepreneur Media has always been on the cutting edge of innovation in the publishing industry, being one of the first publications to go online. Always looking for new avenues to explore within the digital space, they have expanded into online videos, courses, podcasts, ebooks, and so much more.

“Entrepreneur has been online I believe since ’96. We were one of the very first publishers to go online, way back in the day. That predates me by a long shot. But, you know, over the years we’ve been slowly dabbling into video and trying to grow that area of our business as much as we can. And as technology has advanced, now we have more and more tools in the video space to start leveraging personalized meets and things like this.  It was just a natural progression for us in our space. It just made a lot of sense and it was an easy transition.”

Partnering with Yondo

With a goal in mind of producing more engaging content and intriguing products, Jake and his team began looking for a new way to help business owners and entrepreneurs connect with experts who could give them incredibly personal advice specific to their needs. Originally they began to look at creating an expert marketplace from scratch themselves but changed their tune after discovering Yondo.

We were working on a new product then.. looking for a video provider to kind of help us facilitate doing one on one video meetings, and a co-worker and I we were just kind of having a conversation one day and it just kind of came up.  We started to search through the Internet to see if somebody had kind of solved a lot of the problems that we were having and we found Yondo.

After that, we started a conversation and got into some demos. And then it was like, oh, everything is here exactly that we needed. And at that time, we were looking for like Calendar integration’s and sharing screens, etc. This was still a little bit before video conferencing really became normal like it is now. T
he integration was seamless.”

Live Sessions with Amazing Experts
Entrepreneur Ask an Expert
With the ability to offer live online video consultations to entrepreneurs and business owners around the world, Entrepreneur Media has been able to engage their customers in an entirely new way. Entrepreneur Media utilizes the Yondo Book Now Plugin Buttons to make it easy for their customers to select their expert of choice, the type of consultation they are interested in, and a date and time that works for them.  Once the customer has booked their session, Yondo sends confirmation and reminder emails to both the entrepreneur and the expert, with a join sessions link to make it easy to jump into their live online video consultation.  

“I just wanted things to be seamless and we felt that if we could keep them in the browser, then we would have a lot more control over that.

It was it was like one of those things where the light switch went on. We’re like, oh, this is all we need. And when we found your product, we went, this is what we need, what we’re right. Why we were going down this other road that was way more difficult and way more challenging. It turned into like a turnkey set up versus building a whole custom system ourselves.”

Want to know more?!

Entrepreneur’s Ask an Expert marketplace grants access to amazingly gifted individuals such as Jason Feifer, the Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine, Brittany Castro, Founder & CEO of Financially Wise Inc.,  and Nicole Lapin, NYT Bestselling Author and Financial News Anchor.

“We’ve got around 20 experts now.  I want to see what we can do to get to 500 or 1000.  Those are the kind of the numbers that we’re starting to talk about, and we know that the Platform can handle it.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about Entrepreneur’s Ask an Expert marketplace, or just want to get some more great business and innovation content,  visit their website at https://www.entrepreneur.com/ask-an-expert for more information.

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