Webinars with Yondo (Feature Highlight)

Yondo’s webinar system provides business owners with a platform to connect their business with clients from all over the world and work the hours they want to, from the comfort of their own home or office. Webinars truly are the way of the future. Whether it be reducing costs, diversifying your range of services or simply making your business more accessible to more people, webinars stand to greatly improve to your business.


While the task of learning a new software may seem daunting at first, we’ve put a lot of focus on creating a system that can be easily used by anyone, especially when coupled with our 24/7 support, should you need that extra bit of help getting started.


Our users have had great success from this particular service, and many people are stunned when they realise just how easy it is to set-up and conduct webinars with Yondo’s unique range of specialized tools and features.


Should you need some convincing as to why Yondo really is the best webinar service, here are some of of favourite features that we pride ourselves on:


Firstly, our clickable call-to-action banners

For many people, call-to-action’s are the most important tool for increasing your conversion rates. Webinars are commonly used as marketing tools where they provide useful information to an audience and lead to a paid offering at the end so Yondo have decided to create a feature that allows you convert your attendees to paying customers in the most effective way you can – a clickable call-to-action banner. They are instructional and compelling, especially after a webinar when you’ve invested so much time cultivating your expertise and developing trust with your audience. Best of all, your Yondo call-to-action banner is fully customizable, which means you have full control over how it is presented and when it is presented. This is a webinar feature you won’t find anywhere else.


Webinar recording feature

The Yondo webinar recording feature allows users to record their webinars and with the click of a button, the recordings can be made available as videos-on-demand in their Yondo stores. This way, when users have a great webinar, they can capitalize off it again and again through the video-on-demand library. For business owners looking to make a generous capital from their hard work, this feature is ideal.


Have up to 1000 people attend your webinar

Many webinar services fail to cater to clients that may have a large following, or a highly marketable and appealing product or service. They put limits on how many people can attend each session, which ultimately limits how much money a user can make per session. At Yondo, our webinar service allows you to have up to 1000 attendees at any one of your webinars. This means maximum attendees and maximum profits for your business.


Introduce guest speakers through the presenter links

No matter the context, introducing a guest speak is always a great way to add interest and expertise to your presentation. Most seminars are typically hosted by more than one expert, so it makes sense to use a technology that can reflect this in an online context too. Yondo recognises this and have created their presenter feature which allows for guest speakers from all over the world to connect to your webinar and co-host. This way, you can provide a more insightful and engaging presentation for your viewers, and connect your business with industry leaders at the same time.


Automated emails

At Yondo we understand that there’s a lot of preliminary work that goes into creating a live 1-to-1 session. Time can really get away from you and so make your job a little easier, we created a feature that sends out confirmation and reminder emails to your clients. In using this feature, your customers will receive a confirmation email of their booking immediately after they have signed up and will be reminded via email twice before the event goes live.


Send and receive instant messages from your attendees

One of the many benefits of hosting a webinar is being able to have a more intimate connection with your clients than a phone call or a pre-recorded video. We believe that two-way, back and forth communication enables the development of relationships and improves retention and understanding of the content. The Yondo system allows you to chat with your attendees before, during and after the session, ensuring a clear line of communication is maintained throughout.


Add some visual appeal through screen sharing

During a webinar, it can be difficult to explain a complex topic, or hold an audience’s attention if the only visual they have to follow along with is your face. To help with this, Yondo’s webinar system allows for screen sharing. This function becomes particularly useful if you’re wanting to make for a more dynamic and engaging experience for your attendees whether that be visual demonstrations or presentations. Once the screen sharing is active, you can turn it on and off as frequently as you wish.


See exactly what your audience is viewing

When hosting a webinar on the Yondo system, presenters and hosts have the option to see what the audience is actually viewing. This means less errors and allows hosts to get a better understanding of what does and doesn’t work for their presentations. This allows for improvement which is key in becoming a competitive force within your industry.


At Yondo, we have put a lot of work into developing a world-class webinar software that serves the interests of its users. We provide a range of highly developed tools for you to use, that will allow you to take your business to the next level, demonstrate your expertise on a global scale and develop real authority in your industry.


For more information, click the link below:

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